a go go

a go go
A a


    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [ey goh goh]
    • /eɪ goʊ goʊ/
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [ey goh goh]
    • /eɪ goʊ goʊ/

Definitions of a go go words

  • adverb a go go as much as you like; to your heart's content; galore: food and drink à gogo. 1
  • adverb a go go with go-go music and dancing or a go-go atmosphere (used especially in the names of cabarets, discotheques, and the like): They danced all night at the Mistral à gogo. 1

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Origin of a go go

First appearance:

before 1960
One of the 3% newest English words
1960-65; < French, Middle French; gogo perhaps by reduplication and alteration of gogue witticism, jest (French goguette), expressive word of obscure origin

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a go go popularity

A pretty common term. Usually people know it’s meaning, but prefer to use a more spread out synonym. About 54% of English native speakers know the meaning and use word.
According to our data about 55% of words is more used. This is a rare but used term. It occurs in the pages of specialized literature and in the speech of educated people.

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Synonyms for a go go

adj a go go

  • swank — dashing smartness, as in dress or appearance; style.
  • modern — of or relating to present and recent time; not ancient or remote: modern city life.
  • contemporary — Contemporary things are modern and relate to the present time.
  • popular — regarded with favor, approval, or affection by people in general: a popular preacher.
  • hot — having or giving off heat; having a high temperature: a hot fire; hot coffee.

Antonyms for a go go

adj a go go

  • old-fashioned — of a style or kind that is no longer in vogue: an old-fashioned bathing suit.
  • outdated — no longer in use or fashionable; out-of-date; outmoded; antiquated.
  • unpopular — not popular; disliked or ignored by the public or by persons generally.
  • worn — past participle of wear.
  • out — away from, or not in, the normal or usual place, position, state, etc.: out of alphabetical order; to go out to dinner.

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