Our Mission

We strive to make the word meanings discovery process easy and effortless for each and everyone. We want make every communication easy and fully.

What We Do

WordPanda.net - is a new generation online dictionary. We differ from analogs by providing users with more than just word definitions. We introduce them to the magical universe of words. And here is how we do that:

  1. The most extensive database of terms. We have more than 260 thousand words and phrases in our database, that were used at least once in the literature or everyday communication of Americans. Our goal at WordPanda.net is to become the most completed source of information where people can find a clear and full meaning of any word, including scientific terms, abbreviations, slangs, and others. Therefore, our editors keep working on filling the dictionary and improving it. 
  2. The words connection. Using own designed algorithms, we calculated the "connection" between words which lets our users quickly find the most common words combinations. For now, we show only related words, but shortly you will see the most frequent phrases and questions with any desired word.
  3. The precise selection of synonyms. Unlike other dictionaries, we show each synonym with its complete definition initially. This feature lets users quickly pick the most appropriate synonyms for the context.
  4. The origin word history. For most of the terms, we show such information as their approximate year of appearance, the origin history and the frequency comparison chart with popular terms of other eras.
  5. The word popularity. We have designed some unique algorithms that help to determine the popularity of words. There is a "Difficulty index" that shows the familiarity of people with the particular word and a "Popularity index" which displays the frequency of usage of any term from the dictionary. These two helpful indicators allow users to determine how rare is a selected word and in what situations it is appropriate and effective to use.
  6. The word selection. We have a lot of options for quick words selection. For instance, users can find any word just with a few letters from its beginning or the end either select words by individual letters.
  7. And for most terms, users can see examples how to use different terms in sentences, find out which words rhyme with them, and also learn how to write and speak other forms of the terms.
  8. A blog where our editors publish useful articles with some curious facts and tips for all interesting words.

But that is not all. In the near future, we are going to add lots of other useful features like British transcriptions, synonymous link graphs, American, British, Australian audio pronunciations as well as other accents and much more.

Advertising Opportunities

We're a well-known dictionary on the online dictionaries market. We work directly with top ad networks, including Google. If you want to know more, contact with us via advertising page.