Words containing ago

3 letter words containing ago

  • ago — You use ago when you are referring to past time. For example, if something happened one year ago, it is one year since it happened. If it happened a long time ago, it is a long time since it happened.

4 letter words containing ago

  • agog — If you are agog, you are excited about something, and eager to know more about it.
  • agon — (in ancient Greece) a festival at which competitors contended for prizes. Among the best known were the Olympic, Pythian, Nemean, and Isthmian Games
  • dago — a member of a Latin race, esp a Spaniard or Portuguese
  • iago — the villain in Shakespeare's Othello.
  • kago — (in Japan) a small basketwork palanquin strung from a pole each end of which rests on the shoulder of a bearer.

5 letter words containing ago

  • agoge — the rigorous Spartan educational training system
  • agogo — A small bell made of two metal cones, used as a percussion instrument in African and Latin music.
  • agone — ago; past
  • agons — Plural form of agon.
  • agony — Agony is great physical or mental pain.

6 letter words containing ago

  • agogic — Music. stress given to a note through prolonged duration.
  • agogos — Plural form of agogo.
  • agoing — in motion
  • agonal — relating to agony, esp before death
  • agones — (in ancient Greece) a contest in which prizes were awarded in any of a number of events, as athletics, drama, music, poetry, and painting.

7 letter words containing ago

  • -agogue — indicating a person or thing that leads or incites to action
  • agogics — Music. stress given to a note through prolonged duration.
  • agonies — extreme and generally prolonged pain; intense physical or mental suffering.
  • agonise — to suffer extreme pain or anguish; be in agony.
  • agonism — Competitive struggle (especially political).

8 letter words containing ago

  • -phagous — that eats (something specified)
  • agonised — Simple past tense and past participle of agonise.
  • agonists — Plural form of agonist.
  • agonized — Agonized describes something that you say or do when you are in great physical or mental pain.
  • agonizes — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of agonize.

9 letter words containing ago

  • agonising — to suffer extreme pain or anguish; be in agony.
  • agonistes — a person enduring an inner struggle
  • agonistic — striving for effect; strained
  • agonizing — Something that is agonizing causes you to feel great physical or mental pain.
  • analagous — Misspelling of analogous, common other spelling.

10 letter words containing ago

  • agonistics — The range of activities associated with aggressive encounters between members of the same species, including threat, attack, appeasement, or retreat.
  • agonizedly — in an agonized way
  • agoraphobe — a person suffering from agoraphobia
  • anagogical — of or relating to an anagoge.
  • anaxagoras — ?500–428 bc, Greek philosopher who maintained that all things were composed of minute particles arranged by an eternal intelligence

11 letter words containing ago

  • agonisingly — Alternative spelling of agonizingly.
  • agonistical — relating to conflict or struggle
  • agonizingly — accompanied by, filled with, or resulting in agony or distress: We spent an agonizing hour waiting to hear if the accident had been serious or not.
  • agonothetes — a person who presided over the ancient Olympic Games
  • agoraphobia — an abnormal fear of being in open or public places

12 letter words containing ago

  • andragogical — the methods or techniques used to teach adults: Many educators believe that the principles of andragogy, as advanced by Malcolm Knowles, have great relevance to adult education; others are not so certain.
  • antagonising — Present participle of antagonise.
  • antagonistic — If a person is antagonistic to someone or something, they show hatred or dislike towards them.
  • antagonizing — to make hostile or unfriendly; make an enemy or antagonist of: His speech antagonized many voters.
  • anthophagous — That feeds on flowers.

13 letter words containing ago

14 letter words containing ago

  • antagonistical — Alternative form of antagonistic.
  • antagonization — to make hostile or unfriendly; make an enemy or antagonist of: His speech antagonized many voters.
  • brachydiagonal — the shorter lateral axis of a rhombic prism
  • deuteragonists — Plural form of deuteragonist.
  • diagonalisable — (of a square matrix or linear map) able to be diagonalised

15 letter words containing ago

  • anthropophagous — Who practices anthropophagy.
  • bacteriophagous — Pertaining to the predation and consumption of bacterium.
  • blagoveshchensk — a city and port in E Russia, in Siberia on the Amur River. Pop: 222 000 (2005 est)
  • diagonalisation — (UK) In matrix algebra, the process of converting a square matrix into a diagonal matrix, usually to find the eigenvalues of the matrix.
  • diagonalization — (in linear algebra) the process of diagonalizing

16 letter words containing ago

  • antagonistically — acting in opposition; opposing, especially mutually.
  • nagorno-karabakh — a region in SW Azerbaijan: residents mostly Armenian. 1700 sq. mi. (4400 sq. km).
  • oesophagogastric — (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the oesophagus and the stomach.
  • phantasmagorical — having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination.

17 letter words containing ago

18 letter words containing ago

  • neo-pythagoreanism — a philosophical system, established in Alexandria and Rome in the second century b.c., consisting mainly of revived Pythagorean doctrines with elements of Platonism and Stoicism.
  • phantasmagorically — having a fantastic or deceptive appearance, as something in a dream or created by the imagination.

26 letter words containing ago

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