Studying programs

WordPanda.net is one of the biggest online dictionaries. We got more than 300 thousand terms with definitions, synonymic, antonymic and related connections, pronunciation audio, rhymes, different forms, and examples. With all these data we provide unique studying service. With this service, you can study English fast and efficiently. Currently, this service is at the testing stage, but very soon it will be opened for our paid subscribers.

Why study with Word Panda?

Huge database

We are constantly working to expand and improve the terms base. Currently, we can tell everything about any word, it does not matter this XVII-century slang word or a rare technical term.

Unique studying programs

Our training programs are based on providing text, audio and graphic materials to the user. At the end of each lesson, a test will be generated for the user to check the progress of the completed material.

Individual lessons

Each user has his own unique lessons. Formation of lessons algorithm is based on a unique system developed by our talented engineers. This system takes into account more than 80 parameters of the effectiveness of passing lessons, which are stored in Big Data. Thanks to machine learning and this data, we automatically generate the most effective lessons for each user.

Word connection vectors

We use a unique technology to determine the relationship between all words. It allows us to select for the lessons those words that the user does not yet know. This greatly increases the speed of vocabulary improve.

Affordable price

After the end of the beta test, each visitor to the site Wordpanda.net will be able to subscribe and for only $39 per month will be able to significantly improve their knowledge of English.

Easy to pay

You can pay for the subscription by any convenient way: Visa / Mastercard, Paypal, bank transfer or Bitcoin.


Group lessons


Our training system will allow making group study. The training will be conducted in the form of interactive games, tests and individual homework assignments. This is a convenient solution for schools, courses and regions where it is difficult to find a good English teacher. In the main account, the head of the group will be able to quickly learn how well the material is mastered by each member of the group. Group subscription will cost from $ 69 per month.

Can't wait to start studying with Word Panda?


If you want to become part of beta-test that just send us a message and we’ll respond as soon as possible

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