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    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • UK Pronunciation
    • UK IPA
    • [wawrt-hawg, -hog]
    • /ˈwɔrtˌhɔg, -ˌhɒg/
    • /ˈwɔːt.hɒɡ/
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [wawrt-hawg, -hog]
    • /ˈwɔrtˌhɔg, -ˌhɒg/

Definitions of warthog word

  • noun warthog an African wild swine, Phacochoerus aethiopicus, having large tusks and warty protuberances on the face. 1
  • noun warthog An African wild pig with bristly gray skin, a large head, warty lumps on the face, and curved tusks. 1
  • noun warthog African swine with tusks 1
  • countable noun warthog A warthog is a wild pig with two large teeth that curve upwards at the sides of its mouth. Warthogs live in Africa. 0
  • noun warthog a wild pig, Phacochoerus aethiopicus, of southern and E Africa, having heavy tusks, wartlike protuberances on the face, and a mane of coarse hair 0

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Origin of warthog

First appearance:

before 1830
One of the 36% newest English words
First recorded in 1830-40; wart + hog

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warthog popularity

A pretty common term. Usually people know it’s meaning, but prefer to use a more spread out synonym. About 69% of English native speakers know the meaning and use word.
Most Europeans know this English word. The frequency of it’s usage is somewhere between "mom" and "screwdriver".

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Synonyms for warthog

noun warthog

  • pig — an earthenware crock, pot, pitcher, or jar.
  • boar — A boar or a wild boar is a wild pig.
  • piglet — a little pig.
  • swine — any stout, cloven-hoofed artiodactyl of the Old World family Suidae, having a thick hide sparsely covered with coarse hair, a disklike snout, and an often short, tasseled tail: now of worldwide distribution and hunted or raised for its meat and other products. Compare hog, pig1 , wild boar.
  • piggy — a small or young pig.

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