Words ending with og

2 letter words ending with og

  • og — Abbreviation of own goal.
  • angus og — the god of love and beauty

3 letter words ending with og

  • bog — A bog is an area of land which is very wet and muddy.
  • cog — A cog is a wheel with square or triangular teeth around the edge, which is used in a machine to turn another wheel or part.
  • dog — a domesticated canid, Canis familiaris, bred in many varieties.
  • fog — a second growth of grass, as after mowing.
  • gog — a chief prince of Meshech and Tubal who came from Magog. Ezek. 38–39.

4 letter words ending with og

  • -log — -logue
  • agog — If you are agog, you are excited about something, and eager to know more about it.
  • biog — biography.
  • blog — a journal or diary written for public viewing on a website and consisting typically of personal reflections, commentary on current events, etc. arranged chronologically
  • brog — a bradawl

5 letter words ending with og

  • adlog — (language)   A language which adds a Prolog layer to Ada.
  • bedog — Lb transitive to refer to or treat like a dog; (by extension) to follow like a dog, harass, torment; bully.
  • befog — to surround with fog
  • colog — cologarithm
  • defog — to clear (something) of fog or vapour

6 letter words ending with og

  • analog — Analog technology involves measuring, storing, or recording an infinitely variable amount of information by using physical quantities such as voltage.
  • applog — (language)   A language which unifies logic programming and functional programming.
  • augcog — augmented cognition
  • balrog — (fantasy) A fiery demonic creature.
  • bandog — a ferocious dog, whether by nature or trained as a guard dog

7 letter words ending with og

  • antifog — acting to prevent the condensation of moisture, esp on transparent surfaces
  • antilog — antilogarithm
  • backlog — A backlog is a number of things which have not yet been done but which need to be done.
  • birddog — one of any of various breeds of dogs trained to hunt or retrieve birds.
  • bulldog — A bulldog is a small dog with a large square head and short hair.

8 letter words ending with og

  • antismog — acting to reduce smog, aimed at preventing smog
  • autobiog — autobiography.
  • bird-dog — to follow, watch carefully, or investigate.
  • bullfrog — A bullfrog is a type of large frog which makes a very loud noise.
  • bush-hog — to clear (land) by using a bush hog.

9 letter words ending with og

  • binprolog — (language)   Probably the fastest freely available C-emulated Prolog. BinProlog features: logical and permanent global variables; backtrackable destructive assignment; circular term unification; extended DCGs (now built into the engine as "invisible grammars"); intuitionistic and linear implication based hypothetical reasoning; a Tcl/Tk interface. Version 3.30 runs on SPARC/Solaris 2.x, SunOS 4.x; DEC Alpha 64-bit version; DEC MIPS; SGI MIPS; 68k - NeXT, Sun-3; IBM RS6000; HP PA-RISC (two variants); Intel 80386, Intel 486/Linux, MS-DOS, Microsoft Windows 3.1 (with DOS-extender go32 v1.10). E-mail: Paul Tarau <[email protected]>.
  • changelog — (computing) A log that records changes between versions, as in source control.
  • cs-prolog — Distributed logic language. "CS-Prolog on Multi-Transputer Systems", I. Futo et al, Microprocessors & Microsystems, March 1989.
  • dannebrog — the Danish flag
  • groundhog — woodchuck.

10 letter words ending with og

  • ffestiniog — a town in N Wales, in Gwynedd: tourist attractions include former slate quarries and a narrow-gauge railway at nearby Blaenau Ffestiniog. Pop: 4830 (2001)
  • miscatalog — to enter in a catalogue incorrectly
  • objvprolog — Logic programming and object-orientation, an adaptation of the ObjVlisp model to Prolog.
  • pnu-prolog — A parallel extension of NU-Prolog, implemented as a preproccessor.
  • swi-prolog — (programming)   A Prolog by Jan Wielemaker <[email protected]> like a superset of Edinburgh Prolog. Version 1.7.2. Docking Station is distributed under General Public License. It runs on Sun-4, Sun-3, Linux, DEC MIPS (incomplete), RS/6000, PS2/AIX, Atari ST, Gould PN, NeXT, VAX, HP-UX (problems), MS-DOS, and OS/2. Mailing list: [email protected]

11 letter words ending with og

  • cat-and-dog — continuously or unceasingly vicious and destructive: cat-and-dog competition.
  • dog-eat-dog — marked by destructive or ruthless competition; without self-restraint, ethics, etc.: It's a dog-eat-dog industry.
  • ecrc-prolog — Evidently Prolog with coroutine extensions. See also SEPIA.
  • typedprolog — (language)   A strongly typed logic programming language.

12 letter words ending with og

  • delta-prolog — A Prolog extension with AND-parallelism, don't-know nondeterminism and interprocess communication using synchronous event goals and distributed backtracking.
  • memphremagogLake, a lake on the boundary between the U.S. and Canada, between N Vermont and S Quebec. 30 miles (48 km) long.

13 letter words ending with og

  • modula-prolog — Adds a Prolog layer to Modula-2. "Modula-Prolog: A Software Development Tool", C. Muller IEEE Software pp.39-45 (Nov 1986).

14 letter words ending with og

15 letter words ending with og

  • multi-binprolog — (language)   A multi-threaded Linda-style parallel extension to BinProlog for Solaris 2.3. Version: 3.30.

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