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    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • UK Pronunciation
    • UK IPA
    • [ab-duh-muh n, ab-doh-]
    • /ˈæb də mən, æbˈdoʊ-/
    • /ˈæb.də.mən/
    • US Pronunciation
    • US IPA
    • [ab-duh-muh n, ab-doh-]
    • /ˈæb də mən, æbˈdoʊ-/

Definitions of abdomen word

  • countable noun abdomen Your abdomen is the part of your body below your chest where your stomach and intestines are. 3
  • noun abdomen the region of the body of a vertebrate that contains the viscera other than the heart and lungs. In mammals it is separated from the thorax by the diaphragm 3
  • noun abdomen the front or surface of this region; belly 3
  • noun abdomen (in arthropods) the posterior part of the body behind the thorax, consisting of up to ten similar segments 3
  • noun abdomen in vertebrates 3
  • noun abdomen the part of the body cavity from the thorax to the pelvic girdle, containing the digestive organs, etc.; belly: in mammals, the diaphragm separates this from the thorax 3

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Origin of abdomen

First appearance:

before 1535
One of the 29% oldest English words
1535-45; (< Middle French) < Latin abdōmen belly

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abdomen popularity

A common word. It’s meaning is known to most children of preschool age. About 95% of English native speakers know the meaning and use the word.
Most Europeans know this English word. The frequency of it’s usage is somewhere between "mom" and "screwdriver".

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Synonyms for abdomen

noun abdomen

  • tummy — stomach: The baby had a pain in his tummy.
  • belly — The belly of a person or animal is their stomach or abdomen. In British English, this is an informal or literary use.
  • gut — the alimentary canal, especially between the pylorus and the anus, or some portion of it. Compare foregut, midgut, hindgut.
  • guts — the alimentary canal, especially between the pylorus and the anus, or some portion of it. Compare foregut, midgut, hindgut.
  • paunch — a large and protruding belly; potbelly.

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