Words ending with ted

5 letter words ending with ted

  • acted — anything done, being done, or to be done; deed; performance: a heroic act.
  • anted — Poker. a fixed but arbitrary stake put into the pot by each player before the deal.
  • bated — (of breath) held
  • cited — to quote (a passage, book, author, etc.), especially as an authority: He cited the Constitution in his defense.
  • coted — to pass by; outstrip; surpass.

6 letter words ending with ted

  • abated — to reduce in amount, degree, intensity, etc.; lessen; diminish: to abate a tax; to abate one's enthusiasm.
  • airted — a direction.
  • alated — having wings; winged.
  • baited — food, or some substitute, used as a lure in fishing, trapping, etc.
  • banted — to lose weight by practicing Bantingism.

7 letter words ending with ted

  • abetted — to encourage, support, or countenance by aid or approval, usually in wrongdoing: to abet a swindler; to abet a crime.
  • abluted — washed thoroughly
  • abutted — to be adjacent; touch or join at the edge or border (often followed by on, upon, or against): This piece of land abuts on a street.
  • adapted — If something is adapted to a particular situation or purpose, it is especially suitable for it.
  • adopted — having been adopted

8 letter words ending with ted

  • absented — not in a certain place at a given time; away, missing (opposed to present): absent from class.
  • accented — Language or speech that is accented is spoken with a particular accent.
  • accepted — Accepted ideas are agreed by most people to be correct or reasonable.
  • accosted — (of animals) represented as side by side: two dolphins accosted.
  • accreted — to grow together; adhere (usually followed by to).

9 letter words ending with ted

  • abrogated — to abolish by formal or official means; annul by an authoritative act; repeal: to abrogate a law.
  • accolated — (of portraits on a coin, medal, or escutcheon) overlapping and facing in the same direction; conjoined.
  • accounted — an oral or written description of particular events or situations; narrative: an account of the meetings; an account of the trip.
  • acquitted — to relieve from a charge of fault or crime; declare not guilty: They acquitted him of the crime. The jury acquitted her, but I still think she's guilty.
  • activated — to make active; cause to function or act.

10 letter words ending with ted

  • abstracted — Someone who is abstracted is thinking so deeply that they are not fully aware of what is happening around them.
  • acclimated — Become accustomed to a new climate or to new conditions.
  • accredited — appointed and having official credentials
  • acquainted — If you are acquainted with something, you know about it because you have learned it or experienced it.
  • acuminated — Botany, Zoology. pointed; tapering to a point.

11 letter words ending with ted

  • abbreviated — made into a shorter form
  • accentuated — to give emphasis or prominence to.
  • accumulated — to gather or collect, often in gradual degrees; heap up: to accumulate wealth.
  • adjudicated — to pronounce or decree by judicial sentence.
  • adulterated — made inferior, impure, etc. by adulterating

12 letter words ending with ted

  • accommodated — to do a kindness or a favor to; oblige: to accommodate a friend by helping him move to a new apartment.
  • acculturated — Simple past tense and past participle of acculturate.
  • agglomerated — gathered together into a cluster or mass.
  • appropriated — suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion, etc.: an appropriate example; an appropriate dress.
  • approximated — near or approaching a certain state, condition, goal, or standard.

13 letter words ending with ted

  • administrated — to administer.
  • arseniuretted — combined with arsenic so as to form an arsenide.
  • black-hearted — evil, malicious, or wicked
  • brokenhearted — Someone who is brokenhearted is very sad and upset because they have had a serious disappointment.
  • clear-sighted — If you describe someone as clear-sighted, you admire them because they are able to understand situations well and to make sensible judgments and decisions about them.

14 letter words ending with ted

  • album-oriented — of or designating a format featuring rock songs from LPs and CDs rather than singles, especially mainstream rock music.
  • barrel-chested — A barrel-chested man has a large, rounded chest.
  • broken-hearted — Someone who is broken-hearted is very sad and upset because they have had a serious disappointment.
  • chickenhearted — timid; fearful; cowardly.
  • cross-addicted — addicted to two or more substances simultaneously.

15 letter words ending with ted

  • chicken-hearted — easily frightened; cowardly
  • contraindicated — not advisable because of contraindications
  • discombobulated — to confuse or disconcert; upset; frustrate: The speaker was completely discombobulated by the hecklers.
  • double-breasted — (of a coat, jacket, etc.) overlapping sufficiently in front to allow for two rows of buttons.
  • intercorrelated — to place in or bring into mutual or reciprocal relation; establish in orderly connection: to correlate expenses and income.

16 letter words ending with ted

  • non-concentrated — applied with all one's attention, energy, etc.: their concentrated efforts to win the election.
  • non-incorporated — formed or constituted as a legal corporation.

17 letter words ending with ted

  • color-coordinated — with all parts or elements related, blended, or matched to a particular color scheme.

18 letter words ending with ted

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