14-letter words containing tr

  • country singer — a singer of country and western music
  • coup de maitre — a masterstroke; stroke of genius
  • cranberry tree — highbush cranberry.
  • credit control — (in a business) the practice of maximizing revenue by making sure that customers are a good credit risk
  • croagh patrick — a mountain in NW Republic of Ireland, in Mayo: a place of pilgrimage as Saint Patrick is said to have prayed and fasted there. Height: 765 m (2510 ft)
  • cross trainers — training shoes for doing cross training
  • cross training — training in two or more sports to improve performance, esp on one's main sport
  • cruise control — In a car or other vehicle, cruise control is a system that automatically keeps the vehicle's speed at the same level.
  • crux australis — a small conspicuous constellation in the S hemisphere lying in the Milky Way near Centaurus. The four brightest stars form a cross the longer arm of which points to the south celestial pole
  • cryoextraction — the surgical removal of a cataract with a cryoprobe.
  • cytophotometry — the use of a photometer in order to study the chemical compounds of a cell
  • damage control — Damage control is action that is taken to make the bad results of something as small as possible, when it is impossible to avoid bad results completely.
  • data structure — an organized form, such as an array list or string, in which connected data items are held in a computer
  • daycare centre — an establishment offering daycare to preschool children, enabling their parents to work full time or have extended relief if child care is a problem
  • decentralising — Present participle of decentralise.
  • decentralizing — Present participle of decentralize.
  • deconcentrated — to reduce the power or control of (a corporation, industry, etc.); decentralize.
  • deconstructing — Present participle of deconstruct.
  • deconstruction — a technique of literary analysis that regards meaning as resulting from the differences between words rather than their reference to the things they stand for. Different meanings are discovered by taking apart the structure of the language used and exposing the assumption that words have a fixed reference point beyond themselves
  • deconstructive — of or relating to deconstruction
  • deep structure — a representation of a sentence at a level where logical or grammatical relations are made explicit, before transformational rules have been applied
  • defenestrating — Present participle of defenestrate.
  • defenestration — the act of throwing someone out of a window
  • demonstratable — Alternative form of demonstrable.
  • demonstrations — Plural form of demonstration.
  • demonstratives — Plural form of demonstrative.
  • denitrificator — an apparatus which is used in denitrification, particularly in sulphuric acid works
  • denmark strait — a channel between SE Greenland and Iceland, linking the Arctic Ocean with the Atlantic
  • deregistration — The process of which an employee is removed from work registrant status.
  • destructionist — a person who believes in destruction, esp of social institutions
  • detrimentality — causing detriment, as loss or injury; damaging; harmful.
  • device control — (character)   One of the four ASCII characters, DC1, DC2, DC3, and DC4, once used to remotely control equipment (e.g. a paper tape reader) via electromagnetic switches. The characters were usually paired, DC1/DC3 turning one device on/off, and DC2/DC4 another.
  • dextrinization — The process of dextrinizing.
  • dextrorotation — a rotation to the right; clockwise rotation, esp of the plane of polarization of plane-polarized light passing through a crystal, liquid, or solution, as seen by an observer facing the oncoming light
  • dextrorotatory — turning or circling to the right, in a clockwise direction
  • diaheliotropic — exhibiting diaheliotropism
  • diffractometry — The elucidation of the structures of crystalline materials by the use of X-ray diffraction.
  • dinitrobenzene — any of three isomeric benzene derivatives having the formula C 6 H 4 NO 2 , made by nitration of benzene or nitrobenzene, the most important of which is the meta form: used chiefly in the manufacture of dyes.
  • dinner theatre — a form of entertainment at which a play is performed while the audience is served dinner
  • dinner trolley — a small table on casters used for conveying food, drink, etc
  • disattribution — an act or process of invalidating the attribution of something, for example of a work of art to a particular artist
  • disenchantress — a woman who disenchants
  • disentrainment — the act of discharging troops from a train
  • distractedness — having the attention diverted: She tossed several rocks to the far left and slipped past the distracted sentry.
  • distraughtness — The state or quality of being distraught or agitated; distressedness.
  • distressedness — The state or quality of being distressed; anxiety.
  • distributaries — Plural form of distributary.
  • distributional — an act or instance of distributing.
  • distributively — serving to distribute, assign, allot, or divide; characterized by or pertaining to distribution.
  • distributivity — (mathematics) the fact of being distributive.
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