14-letter words containing tr

  • absorptiometry — (chemistry) Analysis using an absorptiometer.
  • abstract class — (programming)   In object-oriented programming, a class designed only as a parent from which sub-classes may be derived, but which is not itself suitable for instantiation. Often used to "abstract out" incomplete sets of features which may then be shared by a group of sibling sub-classes which add different variations of the missing pieces.
  • abstract music — absolute music.
  • abstract space — a space whose elements are not geometric points, especially a function space.
  • abstractedness — The state of being abstracted; abstract character. (First attested in the mid 17th century.).
  • abstractionism — the theory and practice of the abstract, esp of abstract art
  • abstractionist — a person who produces abstract works of art.
  • across country — If you travel across country, you travel through country areas, avoiding major roads and towns.
  • acute triangle — a triangle that has three acute angles
  • address strobe — (storage)   (AS) One of the input signals of a memory device, especially semiconductor memory, which is asserted to tell the memory device that the address inputs are valid. Upon receiving this signal the selected memory device starts the memory access (read/write) indicated by its other inputs. It may be driven directly by the processor or by a memory controller.
  • administrating — to administer.
  • administration — Administration is the range of activities connected with organizing and supervising the way that an organization or institution functions.
  • administrative — Administrative work involves organizing and supervising an organization or institution.
  • administrators — A person responsible for running a business, organization, etc.
  • administratrix — a woman administrator
  • aerial tramway — tramway (def 4).
  • aftertreatment — a method or device for reducing harmful emissions from internal-combustion engines before they are released into the atmosphere, for example a filter or a catalytic converter
  • agroindustrial — of or relating to agroindustry
  • air controller — a military person assigned to monitor, manage, etc. aircraft within a specified region
  • alloiostrophos — irregularly divided, not in a regular pattern of strophe and antistrophe
  • allopatrically — In an allopatric manner.
  • allotetraploid — a hybrid cell or individual possessing four times the chromosomes in a haploid organism
  • allotransplant — allograft.
  • almond extract — oil, essence
  • altruistically — unselfishly concerned for or devoted to the welfare of others (opposed to egoistic).
  • ambidextrously — In an ambidextrous manner.
  • ambisinistrous — clumsy or unskillful with both hands.
  • ambitransitive — (of a verb) Able to be used transitively or intransitively without requiring morphological change.
  • amur cork tree — an Asiatic cork tree, Phellodendron amurense, of the rue family, having a deeply ridged, corky bark.
  • anthropometric — the measurement of the size and proportions of the human body.
  • antipsychiatry — an approach to mental disorders that makes use of concepts derived from existentialism, psychoanalysis, and sociological theory
  • antiretroviral — inhibiting the process by which a retrovirus replicates
  • apheliotropism — a tendency of certain plants to turn away from the sun; negative heliotropism
  • apostrophizing — Present participle of apostrophize.
  • apotropaically — in an apotropaic manner
  • aquatic centre — a complex with facilities for water sports, including swimming pools
  • arabia petraea — an ancient division of Arabia, in the NW part.
  • archaeometrist — a person who uses archaeometry
  • assault troops — soldiers of the infantry who are specially trained to lead an attack
  • astrobiologist — a person who studies astrobiology
  • astrochemistry — the study of the chemistry of celestial bodies and space, esp by means of spectroscopy
  • astrocompasses — Plural form of astrocompass.
  • astrogeologist — a person who studies astrogeology
  • astrolithology — The science of aerolites.
  • astrologically — In an astrological manner.
  • astronavigator — One who performs astronavigation; an astronaut or space pilot.
  • astronomically — of, relating to, or connected with astronomy.
  • astrophysicist — An astrophysicist is someone who studies astrophysics.
  • asymmetrically — not identical on both sides of a central line; unsymmetrical; lacking symmetry: Most faces are asymmetric.
  • atrial flutter — irregular heart rhythm

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