14-letter words containing tr

  • district court — (in many states) the court of general jurisdiction.
  • district judge — any judge of a federal district court.
  • district nurse — In Britain, a district nurse is a nurse who goes to people's houses to give them medical treatment and advice.
  • distrustful of — suspicious of; having no confidence in
  • ditransitivity — (grammar) The state or quality of being ditransitive.
  • dnepropetrovsk — a city in the E central Ukraine, in the SW Russian Federation in Europe, on the Dnieper River.
  • dorsoventrally — In a dorsoventral manner.
  • downing street — a street in W central London, England: cabinet office; residence of the prime minister.
  • drinking straw — thin plastic tube for sucking up liquids
  • drop-in centre — (in Britain) a daycentre run by the social services or a charity that clients may attend on an informal basis
  • dynamoelectric — of or concerned with the interconversion of mechanical and electrical energy
  • eccentricities — an oddity or peculiarity, as of conduct: an interesting man, known for his eccentricities.
  • ecocatastrophe — a disaster caused by changes in the environment.
  • econometrician — Someone who studies economies with a view to mathematics.
  • ectrodactylism — the congenital absence of part or all of one or more fingers or toes.
  • egocentrically — In an egocentric manner.
  • electric chair — execution apparatus
  • electric fence — a fence with an electric current in it, typically used to keep cattle in a field
  • electric field — a field of force surrounding a charged particle within which another charged particle experiences a force
  • electric light — a light powered by electricity
  • electric mixer — a device for mixing ingredients which is powered by electricity
  • electric motor — a device that converts electrical energy to mechanical torque
  • electric organ — a pipe organ operated by electrical means
  • electric piano — a piano operated by electrical means
  • electric razor — an electrically powered implement for shaving, having reciprocating or rotating blades behind a fine metal comb or pierced foil
  • electric shock — electric current entering the body
  • electric storm — a violent atmospheric disturbance in which the air is highly charged with static electricity, causing a storm
  • electrifyingly — In an electrifying manner.
  • electrobiology — (physics, biology) The study of the production and use of electricity by biological organisms.
  • electrocaloric — (physics) Describing the effect of an applied electric field on the temperature of some materials.
  • electrocautery — Cautery using a needle or other instrument that is electrically heated.
  • electrochemist — A person who studies or is expert in electrochemistry.
  • electroculture — the practice of using electricity in agriculture or horticulture in order to stimulate plant growth
  • electrocutions — Plural form of electrocution.
  • electrodeposit — To deposit by means of electrodeposition.
  • electrodynamic — (physics) that involves the movement of electric charges.
  • electrofishing — the practice of catching fish by stunning them with electric current or by attracting them through the use of electricity
  • electroforming — a process used to create a metallic object by electrolytic deposition on a mould or matrix
  • electrogenesis — (biochemistry, physics) The production of electricity in the tissues of a living organism.
  • electrogilding — electroplating using gold
  • electrokinesis — (physics) The transport of particles or fluid by means of an electric field acting on a fluid which has a net mobile charge.
  • electrokinetic — of or relating to the motion of charged particles and its effects
  • electrologists — Plural form of electrologist.
  • electrolytical — Dated form of electrolytic.
  • electromagnets — Plural form of electromagnet.
  • electromotance — an electromotive force
  • electromyogram — A record or display produced by electromyography.
  • electron model — (electronics)   A model of semiconductor behaviour in which donors contribute the charge of an electron, and acceptors contribute a space for same, in effect contributing a fictional positive charge of similiar magnitude. Physicists use the electron model. Some language theorists consider language and the electron to be models in themselves. Contrast hole model.
  • electroneutral — (physics) Having no net electric charge.
  • electronic ink — a material consisting of microscopic cells that can be turned from white to black and vice versa with the application of a small electric charge allowing electronically stored text to appear on a paper-like substance
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