3-letter words containing g

  • 3gl — third generation language
  • 4gl — fourth generation language
  • <g> — (chat)   grin. An alternative to smiley.
  • afg — Afghanistan (international car registration)
  • ag- — ad-
  • aga — a title of respect, often used with the title of a senior position
  • agc — automatic gain control
  • age — Your age is the number of years that you have lived.
  • agh — An exclamation of mild horror, disgust or frustration.
  • agl — (programming)   (Atelier de Genie Logiciel) French for IPSE.
  • agm — The AGM of a company or organization is a meeting which it holds once a year in order to discuss the previous year's activities and accounts. AGM is an abbreviation for 'Annual General Meeting'.
  • agn — active galactic nucleus
  • ago — You use ago when you are referring to past time. For example, if something happened one year ago, it is one year since it happened. If it happened a long time ago, it is a long time since it happened.
  • agp — Accelerated Graphics Port
  • agr — advanced gas-cooled reactor
  • agt — agent
  • amg — Allied Military Government
  • arg — argument
  • aug — August
  • avg — average
  • awg — American Wire Gauge
  • b2g — business to government: referring to a business dealing with government rather than individuals or companies
  • bag — A bag is a container made of thin paper or plastic, for example one that is used in shops to put things in that a customer has bought.
  • bcg — bacille Calmette-Guérin (antituberculosis vaccine)
  • beg — If you beg someone to do something, you ask them very anxiously or eagerly to do it.
  • bgh — bovine growth hormone
  • bgp — Border Gateway Protocol
  • bgt — Britain's Got Talent: a UK television talent show first broadcast in 2007
  • big — A big person or thing is large in physical size.
  • bkg — banking
  • bog — A bog is an area of land which is very wet and muddy.
  • btg — British Technology Group
  • bug — A bug is an insect or similar small creature.
  • bwg — Birmingham Wire Gauge: a notation for the diameters of metal rods, ranging from 0 (0.340 inch) to 36 (0.004 inch)
  • cag — (obsolete) keg.
  • cfg — context-free grammar
  • cga — colour graphics adaptor
  • cgi — CGI is a type of computer technology that is used to make special effects in cinema and on television. CGI is an abbreviation for computer-generated imagery.
  • cgm — Conspicuous Gallantry Medal
  • cgs — Chief of General Staff
  • cgt — capital gains tax
  • cig — a cigarette
  • cmg — Companion of St Michael and St George (a British title)
  • cng — compressed natural gas
  • cog — A cog is a wheel with square or triangular teeth around the edge, which is used in a machine to turn another wheel or part.
  • csg — constructive solid geometry
  • dag — to cut the daglock away from (a sheep)
  • deg — to water (a plant, etc)
  • dgl — 1. Data Generation Language. A tool for generating test data for hardware or software systems. 2. Distributed GL.
  • dgm — Damned Good Musicians

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