3-letter words containing g

  • goo — a thick or sticky substance: Wash that goo off your hands.
  • gop — Grand Old Party: Republicans
  • gor — God!
  • got — a simple past tense and past participle of get.
  • gov — (politics, abbreviation) Government.
  • gox — (rocketry) 'GOX', gaseous oxygen, as differentiated from 'LOX' (liquid oxygen).
  • goy — a term used by a Jew to refer to someone who is not Jewish.
  • gpa — grade point average
  • gpf — General Protection failure/fault
  • gpi — general paralysis of the insane (general paresis)
  • gpl — 1. General Purpose Language. 2. ["A Sample Management Application Program in a Graphical Data-driven Programming language", A.L. Davis et al, Digest of Papers, Compcon Spring 81, Feb 1981, pp. 162-167]. 3. Genken Programming Language. 4. General Public License.
  • gpm — General Purpose Macro-generator
  • gpo — (in the U.S. postal system) the main post office of a city, county, etc., that also has branch post offices. Abbreviation: G.P.O., GPO.
  • gps — Global Positioning System
  • gpu — State Political Administration; the Soviet police and secret police from 1922 to 1923
  • gpv — General Public Virus
  • gpx — Early system on UNIVAC II. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).
  • gr8 — great
  • gre — Generic Routing Encapsulation
  • grf — growth hormone-releasing factor: a peptide that is released from the brain and stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete growth hormone
  • grg — A computer algebra system for differential geometry, gravitation and field theory. Version 3.1 works with PSL-based REDUCE 3.3 or 3.4. E-mail: V.V. Zhytnikov <[email protected]>.
  • gro — (US, slang) Disgusting, unpleasant; gross.
  • grp — Group.
  • grr — A growl of anger or disappointment.
  • grt — gross registered tons
  • gru — Glavnoe Razvedovatelnoe Upravlenie
  • gry — (archaic) A small amount.
  • gsa — General Services Administration
  • gsi — Gensym Standard Interface
  • gsl — Grenoble System Language. M. Berthaud, IBM, Grenoble. "GSL Language Reference Manual", M. Berthaud et al, March 1973. "A MOL-Based Software Construction System", M. Berthaud et al, in Machine Oriented Higher Level Languages, W. van der Poel, N-H 1974, pp.151-157.
  • gsm — Grams per square meter, a measure of weight for paper.
  • gsr — galvanic skin response
  • gss — (storage)   Group-Sweeping Scheduling.
  • gst — goods and services tax
  • gta — Greater Toronto Area
  • gtc — (on a commercial order for goods) good till cancelled (or countermanded)
  • gtd — guaranteed
  • gtg — (Internet) got to go (as a form of farewell).
  • gti — gran turismo injection: a high-performance car with a fuel-injection engine
  • gtl — Gunning Transceiver Logic
  • gtt — (in prescriptions) drop.
  • gub — a white person.
  • gud — Nonstandard spelling of good.
  • gue — (Shetland) A kind of fiddle or violin played on the Shetland Islands.
  • gui — graphical user interface.
  • gul — a large octagonal design derived from the shape of a rose, a motif on Oriental rugs.
  • gum — Often, gums. Also called gingiva. the firm, fleshy tissue covering the alveolar parts of either jaw and enveloping the necks of the teeth.
  • gun — Also called gin rummy. a variety of rummy for two players, in which a player with 10 or fewer points in unmatched cards can end the game by laying down the hand.
  • gup — gossip
  • gur — a branch of the Niger-Congo subfamily of languages, including Mossi and other languages spoken in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, and Mali.
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