Words ending with ori

4 letter words ending with ori

  • cori — Carl Ferdinand. 1896–1984, US biochemist, born in Bohemia; shared a Nobel prize for physiology or medicine (1947) with his wife Gerty Theresa Radnitz Cori (1896–1957) and Bernardo Houssay, for elucidating the stages of glycolysis
  • gori — A city in eastern Georgia, the regional capital of the Shida Kartli region.
  • hori — a Māori
  • kori — The monetary unit of w Kutch prior to 1947, divided into 24 dokda.
  • lori — a feminine name

5 letter words ending with ori

  • haori — a loose, knee-length, Japanese garment resembling a coat.
  • koori — a native Australian
  • maori — a member of the native Polynesian population of New Zealand.
  • poori — a light, round, unleavened wheat bread of India, usually deep-fried.
  • cook island māori — a dialect of Māori spoken in the Cook Islands

6 letter words ending with ori

  • aomori — seaport in northernmost Honshu, Japan, on an inlet of the Sea of Japan: pop. 293,000
  • pylori — the opening between the stomach and the duodenum.
  • satori — sudden enlightenment.
  • a priori — An a priori argument, reason, or probability is based on an assumed principle or fact, rather than on actual observed facts.

7 letter words ending with ori

  • apriori — Alternative form of a priori.
  • kachori — An Indian snack of flour with beans and spices.
  • moriori — a Polynesian people of New Zealand, esp of the Chatham Islands, closely related to the mainland Māori: now racially intermixed
  • ogonori — An edible seaweed (Gracilaria spp.).
  • signori — a conventional Italian term of address or title of respect for a man, either used separately or prefixed to the name. Abbreviation: Sig., sig.

8 letter words ending with ori

  • fujimoriAlberto, born 1938, president of Peru 1990–2000.
  • tandoori — baked or cooked in a tandoor: tandoori chicken.
  • yakitori — a dish of small pieces of boneless chicken, usually marinated, skewered, and grilled.
  • a fortiori — for similar but more convincing reasons
  • saigo takamori — 1828–77, Japanese samurai, who led (1868) the coup that restored imperial government. In 1877 he reluctantly led a samurai rebellion, committing suicide when it failed

9 letter words ending with ori

  • choephori — a tragedy (458 b.c.) by Aeschylus.
  • phosphori — plural of phosphorus
  • ruwenzori — a mountain group in central Africa between Lake Albert and Lake Edward: sometimes identified with Ptolemy's “Mountains of the Moon.” Highest peak, Mt. Ngaliema (Stanley), with two summits: Mt. Margherita, 16,795 feet (5119 meters), and Mt. Alexandra, 16,726 feet (5098 meters).

10 letter words ending with ori

  • millefiori — decorative glass made by fusing multicolored glass canes together, cutting them crosswise, joining them into new groups, embedding the groups in transparent glass, and blowing the resultant mass into a desired shape.
  • montessori — Maria [muh-ree-uh;; Italian mah-ree-ah] /məˈri ə;; Italian mɑˈri ɑ/ (Show IPA), 1870–1952, Italian educator.
  • a posteriori — relating to or involving inductive reasoning from particular facts or effects to a general principle

12 letter words ending with ori

13 letter words ending with ori

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