21-letter words that end in nt

  • a fly in the ointment — If you describe someone or something as a fly in the ointment, you think they spoil a situation and prevent it being as successful as you had hoped.
  • absolutely convergent — of or characterized by absolute convergence.
  • accounting management — (networking)   The process of identifying individual and group access to various network resources to ensure proper access capabilities (bandwidth and security) or to properly charge the various individuals and departments. Accounting management is one of five categories of network management defined by ISO for management of OSI networks.
  • antenuptial agreement — Law. a contract between two people who are about to marry regarding their respective property and support rights upon termination of the marriage by divorce or death, and sometimes regarding property rights during the marriage.
  • antigenic determinant — the specific part of an antigen molecule to which an antibody becomes attached
  • appropriation account — an account showing how funds have been used
  • articles of agreement — a contract between the captain of a ship and a crew member regarding stipulations of a voyage, signed prior to and upon termination of a voyage.
  • balance sheet account — A balance sheet account is an account in the chart of accounts that is reported on the balance sheet.
  • ball-and-socket joint — a coupling between two rods, tubes, etc, that consists of a spherical part fitting into a spherical socket, allowing free movement within a specific conical volume
  • baton de commandement — an antler object found in Upper Palaeolithic sites from the Aurignacian period onwards, consisting of a rod, often ornately decorated, with a hole through the thicker end
  • borrowing requirement — the amount that needs to be borrowed to fill a budget deficit
  • character development — the portrayal of people in a work of fiction in such a way that the reader or audience seems to learn more about them as they develop
  • chief master sergeant — a solider of the highest enlisted rank in the US Air Force
  • chinese lantern plant — winter cherry (def 1).
  • chinese-lantern plant — a perennial ground-cherry (Physalis alkekengi) grown for winter bouquets because of the bladderlike red calyx that surrounds its small, tomatolike fruit
  • civil rights movement — campaign for human freedoms
  • cognitive development — the process of acquiring intelligence and increasingly advanced thought and problem-solving ability from infancy to adulthood.
  • come/get to the point — When someone comes to the point or gets to the point, they start talking about the thing that is most important to them.
  • comparative statement — a financial statement with figures arranged in two or more parallel columns, each column representing a fiscal year or other period, used to compare performance between periods.
  • consultation document — a report that is the result of a consultation process
  • continuous assessment — If pupils or students undergo continuous assessment, they get qualifications partly or entirely based on the work they do during the year, rather than on exam results.
  • controlled experiment — an experiment or trial that uses controls, usually separating the subjects into one or more control groups and experimental groups.
  • cooperative apartment — a block of flats belonging to a corporation in which shares are owned in proportion to the relative value of the flat occupied
  • cooperative-apartment — working or acting together willingly for a common purpose or benefit.
  • cosmological argument — one of the arguments that purport to prove the existence of God from empirical facts about the universe, esp the argument to the existence of a first cause
  • cosmological constant — a term introduced by Einstein into his field equations of general relativity to permit a stationary, nonexpanding universe: it has since been abandoned in most models of the universe.
  • cyclical unemployment — unemployment caused by fluctuations in the level of economic activity inherent in trade cycles
  • designated employment — (in Britain) any of certain kinds of jobs reserved for handicapped workers under the Disabled Persons (Employment) Act 1944
  • differential quotient — derivative (def 6).
  • differential-quotient — something that has been derived.
  • diffusion coefficient — the rate at which a diffusing substance is transported between opposite faces of a unit cube of a system when there is unit concentration difference between them
  • discretionary account — an account in which the stockbroker is allowed complete control over the purchase and sale of securities on the customer's behalf.
  • display advertisement — an advertisement designed to attract attention by using devices such as conspicuous or elegant typefaces, graphics, etc
  • earthmoving equipment — machines, such as bulldozers, that are used for excavating and moving large quantities of earth
  • electric displacement — the electric flux density when an electric field exists in free space into which a dielectric is introduced
  • flotation compartment — in a boat, an enclosed section filled with air or gas to give buoyancy
  • foreign correspondent — a correspondent, as for a periodical, assigned to send back articles and news dispatches from a foreign country for publication.
  • gender disappointment — a feeling of depression or anxiety experienced by an expectant parent when the gender of the baby does not match his or her preference
  • gentleman's agreement — unwritten rule or agreement
  • gentlemen's agreement — an agreement that, although unenforceable at law, is binding as a matter of personal honor.
  • government department — a sector of a national or state government that deals with a particular area of interest
  • immediate constituent — one of the usually two largest constituents of a construction: The immediate constituents of He ate his dinner are he and ate his dinner; of ate his dinner are ate and his dinner; etc. Abbreviation: IC.
  • in someone's judgment — in someone's opinion
  • infertility treatment — treatment aimed at helping a couple conceive
  • intelligence quotient — an intelligence test score that is obtained by dividing mental age, which reflects the age-graded level of performance as derived from population norms, by chronological age and multiplying by 100: a score of 100 thus indicates a performance at exactly the normal level for that age group. Abbreviation: IQ.
  • investment management — the process of managing business investments
  • keep count/lose count — If you keep count of a number of things, you note or keep a record of how many have occurred. If you lose count of a number of things, you cannot remember how many have occurred.
  • management consultant — A management consultant is someone whose job is to advise companies on the most efficient ways to run their business.
  • marine superintendent — a person who is responsible for the maintenance of the vessels of a shipping line, for their docking and the handling of cargo, and for the hiring of personnel for deck departments.
  • marketing arrangement — an agreement between a seller and a buyer or between sellers about some aspect of the sale of products

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