8-letter words that end in e

  • 'a' game — one's best possible performance, esp in the phrase to bring or take one's 'A' game
  • -calorie — -calorie is used after adjectives such as low or high to indicate that food contains a small or a large number of calories.
  • -escence — the process of becoming or beginning
  • -phyceae — seaweed
  • 56k line — (communications)   A digital connection (possibly a leased line, possibly switched) capable of carrying 56 kbps. Compare DS0.
  • a droite — to the right.
  • a gauche — on or to the left-hand side.
  • a little — small in size; not big; not large; tiny: a little desk in the corner of the room.
  • a stroke — a small amount of work
  • a trifle — You can use a trifle to mean slightly or to a small extent, especially in order to make something you say seem less extreme.
  • a-sample — the primary urine or blood sample used in doping tests in professional sports; if the A-sample tests positive, the B-sample is tested to confirm or invalidate the results
  • a-v node — atrioventricular node.
  • aaronite — one of the priestly descendants of Aaron.
  • abampere — the cgs unit of current in the electromagnetic system; the constant current that, when flowing through two parallel straight infinitely long conductors 1 centimetre apart, will produce a force between them of 2 dynes per centimetre: equivalent to 10 amperes
  • abatable — able to be abated
  • abattage — the slaughter of animals, especially the slaughter of diseased animals to prevent the infection of others.
  • abdicate — If a king or queen abdicates, he or she gives up being king or queen.
  • abductee — someone who is abducted
  • aberdare — a town in South Wales, in Rhondda Cynon Taff county borough. Pop: 31 705 (2001)
  • aberrate — to deviate from what is normal or correct
  • abessive — the grammatical case indicating absence
  • abeyance — a state of being suspended or put aside temporarily
  • abidable — Alternative spelling of abideable.
  • abidance — the act or state of abiding.
  • abietate — a salt or ester of abietic acid.
  • ablative — (in certain inflected languages such as Latin) denoting a case of nouns, pronouns, and adjectives indicating the agent in passive sentences or the instrument, manner, or place of the action described by the verb
  • ablegate — a papal envoy who has important duties abroad such as bringing a cardinal's insignia to him when he has just been appointed, or taking a message to a sovereign
  • abligate — (obsolete) To tie up so as to hinder from.
  • abnegate — to deny to oneself; renounce (privileges, pleasure, etc)
  • abortive — An abortive attempt or action is unsuccessful.
  • abrasive — Someone who has an abrasive manner is unkind and rude.
  • abristle — Bristling.
  • abrocome — Either of the ratlike rodents that from the genus Abrocoma; rat chinchilla.
  • abrogate — If someone in a position of authority abrogates something such as a law, agreement, or practice, they put an end to it.
  • absentee — An absentee is a person who is expected to be in a particular place but who is not there.
  • absinthe — Absinthe is a very strong alcoholic drink that is green and tastes bitter.
  • absolute — Absolute means total and complete.
  • absterge — to wipe clean or cleanse
  • abstrude — (transitive) To thrust away.
  • abstruse — You can describe something as abstruse if you find it difficult to understand, especially when you think it could be explained more simply.
  • abusable — able to be abused
  • acarbose — a type of diabetes medicine taken orally to slow and reduce the supply of glucose to the blood.
  • acaudate — (biology, zoology) Tailless.
  • acauline — having no stem
  • acceptee — a person who has been accepted, or has accepted a position
  • accolade — If someone is given an accolade, something is done or said about them which shows how much people admire them.
  • accouche — (transitive) To aid in an accouchement.
  • accoutre — to provide with equipment or dress, esp military
  • accresce — (rare, intransitive) To accrue.
  • accurate — careful and exact

On this page, we collect all 8-letter words ending in letter E. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 8-letter word that ends in E to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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