Words starting with chl

5 letter words starting with chl

  • chloe — a feminine name

6 letter words starting with chl

7 letter words starting with chl

  • chlamys — a short woollen cloak, secured on the right shoulder, worn by ancient Greek men and soldiers
  • chloral — a colourless oily liquid with a pungent odour, made from chlorine and acetaldehyde and used in preparing chloral hydrate and DDT; trichloroacetaldehyde
  • chloric — of or containing chlorine in the pentavalent state
  • chlorid — Archaic form of chloride.
  • chlorin — (organic compound) A large heterocyclic aromatic ring consisting, at the core, of three pyrroles and one pyrroline coupled through four methine linkages.

8 letter words starting with chl

  • chloasma — the appearance on a person's skin, esp of the face, of patches of darker colour: associated with hormonal changes caused by liver disease or the use of oral contraceptives
  • chlodwig — German name of Clovis I.
  • chlorate — any salt of chloric acid, containing the monovalent ion ClO3–
  • chloride — Chloride is a chemical compound of chlorine and another substance.
  • chlorine — Chlorine is a strong-smelling gas that is used to clean water and to make cleaning products.

9 letter words starting with chl

  • chlamydes — Plural form of chlamys.
  • chlamydia — Chlamydia is a sexually-transmitted disease.
  • chloracne — a disfiguring skin disease that results from contact with or ingestion or inhalation of certain chlorinated aromatic hydrocarbons
  • chloranil — a yellow, crystalline, water-insoluble solid, C 6 Cl 4 O 2 , used chiefly as a fungicide and as an intermediate in the manufacture of dyes.
  • chlorates — Plural form of chlorate.

10 letter words starting with chl

  • chlamydate — (of some molluscs) possessing a mantle
  • chlamydiae — the sexually transmitted diseases that are due to the microorganism Chlamydia trachomatis
  • chlamydial — of or relating to infections caused by bacteria of the genus Chlamydia
  • chlamydias — Plural form of chlamydia.
  • chloralism — a medical condition created by prolonged use of chloral hydrate

11 letter words starting with chl

  • chlamydeous — (of plants) relating to or possessing sepals and petals
  • chloanthite — a form of nickel arsenide having commercial importance as a nickel ore
  • chloracetic — an acid made by chlorinating acetic acid
  • chloramines — Plural form of chloramine.
  • chlordecone — a highly toxic pesticide, C 10 H 10 O, causing nerve damage in humans, that is believed to contaminate waterways: no longer widely used.

12 letter words starting with chl

  • chloralamide — (chemistry) A compound of chloral and formic amide, used to induce sleep.
  • chlorambucil — an alkylating drug derived from nitrogen mustard, administered orally in the treatment of leukaemia and other malignant diseases. Formula: C14H19Cl2NO2
  • chlorapatite — (mineral) A variety of apatite containing chloride instead of fluoride.
  • chlorenchyma — plant tissue consisting of parenchyma cells that contain chlorophyll
  • chlorimetric — of or relating to chlorimetry

13 letter words starting with chl

  • chlamydomonas — a green, fresh water alga of the class Chlorophyceae that is flagellate and made up of a single cell
  • chlamydospore — a thick-walled asexual spore of many fungi: capable of surviving adverse conditions
  • chlorargyrite — a mineral, the naturally occurring form of silver chloride, formed in the oxidation process of silver
  • chlorhexidine — an antiseptic compound used in skin cleansers, mouthwashes, etc
  • chlormerodrin — a white, bitter, odorless powder, ClHgN 2 H 11 O 2 , soluble in methanol and ethanol and slightly soluble in water, used in medicine as a diuretic.

14 letter words starting with chl

  • chlamydospores — Plural form of chlamydospore.
  • chlorcyclizine — an antihistamine, C18H21ClN2, used for treating allergies
  • chloritization — a conversion into or a substitution by chlorite
  • chloroargyrite — a greyish-yellow or colourless soft secondary mineral consisting of silver chloride in cubic crystalline form: a source of silver. Formula: AgCl
  • chlorochromate — (inorganic chemistry) The univalent anion CrClO3-, or any salt containing this anion.

15 letter words starting with chl

  • chloramphenicol — a broad-spectrum antibiotic used esp in treating typhoid fever and rickettsial infections: obtained from the bacterium Streptomyces venezuelae or synthesized. Formula: C11H12N2O5Cl2

16 letter words starting with chl

  • chlordiazepoxide — a chemical compound used as a tranquillizer and muscle relaxant and in the treatment of delirium tremens. Formula: C16H14ClN3O
  • chlorophenothane — DDT.
  • chlorpheniramine — an antihistaminic compound, C 20 H 23 ClN 2 O 4 , used in treating the symptoms of allergies.

17 letter words starting with chl

  • chloracetophenone — chloroacetophenone.
  • chloronaphthalene — either of two isomeric naphthalene compounds containing one chlorine atom.
  • chlortetracycline — an antibiotic used in treating many bacterial and rickettsial infections: obtained from the bacterium Streptomyces aureofaciens. Formula: C22H23ClN2O8

18 letter words starting with chl

  • chloroacetophenone — a white, crystalline, water-insoluble, poisonous solid, C 8 H 7 ClO, used in solution as a tear gas. Abbreviation: CN.
  • chlorobromomethane — a clear, colorless, volatile, nonflammable liquid, CH 2 ClBr, used chiefly as an extinguishing agent in fire extinguishers and as a solvent in organic synthesis.
  • chlorofluorocarbon — Chlorofluorocarbons are the same as CFCs.
  • chlorohydroquinone — a white to light-tan, crystalline, water-soluble solid, C 6 H 3 Cl(OH) 2 , used chiefly in organic synthesis and as a developer in photography.

19 letter words starting with chl

  • chlorofluorocarbons — Plural form of chlorofluorocarbon.
  • chlorofluoromethane — any of a series of gaseous or volatile methanes substituted with chlorine and fluorine and containing little or no hydrogen: used as refrigerants and, formerly, as aerosol propellants until scientists became concerned about depletion of the atmospheric ozone layer.

22 letter words starting with chl

  • chlorotrifluoromethane — a colorless gas, CClF 3 , used chiefly as a refrigerant, in the hardening of metals, and in pharmaceutical processing.

23 letter words starting with chl

  • chlorotrifluoroethylene — a colorless, flammable gas, C 2 H 2 ClF, that polymerizes to form oils, greases, and waxes.

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