Words starting with ch

2 letter words starting with ch

  • ch — (language)   An interpreted programming language sold by Soft Integration and marketed for scripting, shell programming and graph plotting, it is a superset of C++. Ch is also the name of Soft Integration's interpreter for the language. Currently the Ch interpreter is available for Windows, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux and Mac platforms.

3 letter words starting with ch

  • ch. — Ch. is a written abbreviation for chapter.
  • cha — tea
  • chb — Bachelor of Surgery
  • che — Chemical Engineer
  • che guevara — Ernesto [er-nes-taw] /ɛrˈnɛs tɔ/ (Show IPA), ("Che") 1928–67, Cuban revolutionist and political leader, born in Argentina.

4 letter words starting with ch

  • ch'i — one of two dynasties that ruled in China a.d. 479–502 and, as the Northern Ch'i, a.d. 550–77.
  • chad — the small pieces of cardboard or paper removed during the punching of holes in computer printer paper, paper tape, etc
  • chai — tea, esp as made in India with added spices
  • cham — a member of a people of Indonesian stock living in Cambodia and central Vietnam
  • chan — Zen (def 1).

5 letter words starting with ch

  • ch'an — Zen (def 1).
  • ch'en — a dynasty that ruled in China a.d. 557–89.
  • ch'in — a dynasty in ancient China, 221–206 b.c., marked by the emergence of a unified empire and the construction of much of the Great Wall of China.
  • chaco — extensive lowland plain in central South America, stretching across parts of Argentina, Paraguay, and Bolivia: c. 300,000 sq mi (776,997 sq km)
  • chado — the Japanese tea ceremony

6 letter words starting with ch

  • ch'ing — See under Manchu (def 1).
  • chabuk — (in Asia, especially the East) a horsewhip, formerly often used for inflicting corporal punishment.
  • chacma — a baboon, Papio (or Chaeropithecus) ursinus, having coarse greyish hair and occurring in southern and eastern Africa
  • chadar — the traditional garment of Muslim and Hindu women, consisting of a long, usually black or drab-colored cloth or veil that envelops the body from head to foot and covers all or part of the face.
  • chadic — a subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family of languages, spoken in an area west and south of Lake Chad, the chief member of which is Hausa

7 letter words starting with ch

  • cha-cha — A cha-cha is a Latin American dance with small fast steps.
  • chablis — a dry white burgundy wine made around Chablis, in central France
  • chabouk — a long horse-whip, also used for inflicting punishment
  • chabrol — Claude (klod). 1930–2010, French film director, whose films, such as Le Beau Serge (1958), Les Biches (1968), Le Boucher (1969), Au coeur du mensonge (1999), and La Fleur du mal (2003) explore themes of jealousy, guilt, and murder
  • chachka — a cheap trinket

8 letter words starting with ch

  • chabrier — (Alexis) Emmanuel (emanɥɛl). 1841–94, French composer; noted esp for the orchestral rhapsody España (1883)
  • chackles — to chatter; jabber.
  • chaconne — a musical form consisting of a set of continuous variations upon a ground bass
  • chadarim — plural of cheder.
  • chadwick — Sir Edwin. 1800–90, British social reformer, known for his Report on the Sanitary Condition of the Labouring Population of Great Britain (1842)

9 letter words starting with ch

  • ch'inghai — a province in W central China. 269,187 sq. mi. (697,194 sq. km). Capital: Xining.
  • chabazite — a pink, white, or colourless zeolite mineral consisting of a hydrated silicate of calcium, sodium, potassium, and aluminium in hexagonal crystalline form. Formula: Ca2Al2Si4O12.6H2O
  • chaeronea — an ancient Greek town in W Boeotia: site of the victory of Philip of Macedon over the Athenians and Thebans (338 bc) and of Sulla over Mithridates (86 bc)
  • chaetopod — any annelid worm of the classes Oligochaeta or Polychaeta
  • chafeweed — wood cudweed.

10 letter words starting with ch

  • ch'ing-hai — Qing Hai.
  • chachalaca — any of several slender guans of the genus Ortalis, of Central America, Mexico, and southern Texas, having loud, harsh cries.
  • chadderton — a town in NW England, in Oldham unitary authority, in Greater Manchester. Pop: 33 001 (2001)
  • chaetotaxy — the arrangement of bristles on the exoskeleton of an insect.
  • chagrinned — a feeling of vexation, marked by disappointment or humiliation.

11 letter words starting with ch

  • ch'iungshan — Qiongshan.
  • cha-cha-cha — a Latin-American ballroom dance with small steps and swaying hip movements
  • chaetognath — any small wormlike marine invertebrate of the phylum Chaetognatha, including the arrowworms, having a coelom and a ring of bristles around the mouth
  • chain-react — to undergo a chain reaction
  • chain-smoke — Someone who chain-smokes smokes cigarettes or cigars continuously.

12 letter words starting with ch

  • ch-ien--lung — (Kao Tsung) 1711–99, Chinese emperor of the Ch'ing dynasty 1736–96.
  • chaetiferous — having bristles
  • chain-smoker — A chain-smoker is a person who chain-smokes.
  • chair-warmer — an officeholder, employee, or the like, who accomplishes little, especially a person who holds an interim position.
  • chairmanship — The chairmanship of a committee or organization is the fact of being its chairperson. Someone's chairmanship can also mean the period during which they are chairperson.

13 letter words starting with ch

  • chaetophorous — bearing bristles; setigerous.
  • chalcostibite — a mineral, antimony copper sulfide, CuSbS 2 , occurring in lead-gray crystals.
  • challengeable — a call or summons to engage in any contest, as of skill, strength, etc.
  • challengingly — in a way that challenges or defies someone
  • chameleonlike — any of numerous Old World lizards of the family Chamaeleontidae, characterized by the ability to change the color of their skin, very slow locomotion, and a projectile tongue.

14 letter words starting with ch

  • chalcotrichite — a fibrous variety of cuprite.
  • champs-elysées — a major boulevard in Paris, leading from the Arc de Triomphe: site of the Elysée Palace and government offices
  • chancellorship — The chancellorship is the position of chancellor. Someone's chancellorship is the period of time when they are chancellor.
  • change-ringing — the art of bell-ringing in which a set of bells is rung in an established order which is then changed
  • chaptalization — a method of increasing the alcohol in a wine by adding sugar to the must before or during fermentation.

15 letter words starting with ch

  • chairpersonship — a person who presides over a meeting, committee, board, etc.
  • chantilly-sauce — a town in N France, N of Paris: lace manufacture.
  • characteristics — Also, characteristical. pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: Red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn.
  • charcoal-burner — a device that burns charcoal, as a stove or brazier.
  • charlottesville — city in central Va.: pop. 45,000

16 letter words starting with ch

  • chagas---disease — an infectious disease caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, occurring chiefly in tropical America and characterized by irregular fever, palpable lymph nodes, and often heart damage.
  • chalon-sur-saône — an industrial city in E central France, on the Saône River. Pop: 50 124 (1999)
  • chancellorsville — hamlet in NE Va. (now called Chancellor): site of a Civil War battle (May, 1863) won by Confederate forces
  • characterisation — (British spelling) Alternative form of characterization.
  • characteristical — Also, characteristical. pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: Red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn.

17 letter words starting with ch

  • champagne-ardenne — a region of NE France: a countship and commercial centre in medieval times; it consists of a great plain, with sheep and dairy farms and many vineyards
  • characterizations — portrayal; description: the actor's characterization of a politician.
  • charente-maritime — a department of W France, in Poitou-Charentes region. Capital: La Rochelle. Pop: 576 855 (2003 est). Area: 7232 sq km (2820 sq miles)

18 letter words starting with ch

  • characteristically — Also, characteristical. pertaining to, constituting, or indicating the character or peculiar quality of a person or thing; typical; distinctive: Red and gold are the characteristic colors of autumn.

19 letter words starting with ch

20 letter words starting with ch

  • charleville-mézières — twin towns on opposite sides of the River Meuse in NE France. Pop: 55 490 (1999)
  • châlons-en-champagne — a town in NE France, on the River Marne: scene of Attila's defeat by the Romans (451 ad). Pop: 47 339 (1999)

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