11-letter words starting with c

  • c-odescript — (language)   A Liana interpreter, embeddable in C and C++ programs.
  • c1 security — Orange Book
  • c2 security — Orange Book
  • cabaret tax — a tax levied on entertainment, dancing, floor shows, etc., at places where liquor is served, as at cabarets and nightclubs.
  • cabbage bug — harlequin bug
  • cabbagehead — cabbage1 (def 2).
  • cabbagetown — a former slum area of Toronto, now known for its Victorian architecture and thriving arts community
  • cabbageworm — any caterpillar that feeds on cabbages, esp that of the cabbage white
  • cabbalistic — cabala.
  • cabin class — a class of accommodation on a passenger ship between first class and tourist class
  • cabin court — Older Use. a roadside motel having cabins.
  • cabin fever — If you describe someone as having cabin fever, you mean that they feel restless and irritable because they have been indoors in one place for too long.
  • cabin trunk — a large trunk specially designed to be used on journeys, and often having large handles at either end to make it easy to move
  • cabinetwood — any wood suitable for use in cabinetwork.
  • cabinetwork — the making of furniture, esp of fine quality
  • cable modem — (communications, hardware)   A type of modem that allows people to access the Internet via their cable television service. A cable modem can transfer data at 500 kbps or higher, compared with 28.8 kbps for common telephone line modems, but the actual transfer rates may be lower depending on the number of other simultaneous users on the same cable. Industry pundits often point out that the cable system still does not have the bandwidth or service level in many areas to make this feasible. For example, it has to be capable of two-way communication. See also: DOCSIS.
  • cable-ready — (of a television or VCR) able to receive cable television directly, without the need for special reception or decoding equipment.
  • cablevision — cable television.
  • cache block — cache line
  • cachectical — cachetic
  • cachinatory — Alternative form of cachinnatory.
  • cachinnator — One who laughs loudly and immoderately.
  • cack-handed — If you describe someone as cack-handed, you mean that they handle things in an awkward or clumsy way.
  • cackleberry — a hen's egg used for food.
  • cacodemonic — relating to cacodemons
  • cacoepistic — Of or relating to mispronounced words.
  • cacogastric — relating to an upset stomach
  • cacogenesis — (medicine) A morbid, monstrous, or pathological growth or product; an abnormality in structure; a monstrosity.
  • cacographic — Displaying the properties of bad spelling or bad handwriting or both.
  • cacomistles — Plural form of cacomistle.
  • cacophonies — Plural form of cacophony.
  • cacophonous — If you describe a mixture of sounds as cacophonous, you mean that they are loud and unpleasant.
  • cacqueteuse — a narrow, upright armchair of 16th-century France, having widely splayed arms and a very narrow back.
  • cactus moth — a moth, Cactoblastis cactorum, native to South America and introduced into Australia to control prickly pear cactus, on which the larvae feed.
  • cactus pear — tuna2 .
  • cactus wren — any American wren of the genus Campylorhynchus, of arid regions, especially C. brunneicapillus, of the southwestern U.S. and Mexico.
  • cadastrally — from a cadastral point of view
  • caddie cart — a small two-wheeled cart used by golfers to carry their clubs.
  • caddis worm — the wormlike larva of the caddis fly that usually lives in fresh water in an elongated case made of twigs, grains of sand, etc. cemented together with silk that it secretes: commonly used as bait by anglers
  • caddishness — the state of being caddish
  • caddy spoon — a small spoon used in taking tea from a storage caddy.
  • cadet cloth — a heavy woolen cloth of double-cloth construction and bluish-gray color, used especially for uniforms at military schools.
  • cadet corps — a group of school pupils receiving elementary military training in a school corps
  • cadmium red — a pigment used in painting, consisting of the sulfide and the selinide of cadmium, characterized by its strong red or reddish color, excellent film-forming properties, and slow drying rate.
  • cadwallader — a male given name.
  • caecotrophy — (biology) In certain mammals, especially rabbits and other lagomorphs, the consumption of food pellets which are naturally produced by means of digestion, retention in the caecum, and expulsion through the anus.
  • caesalpinia — designating a family (Caesalpiniaceae) of leguminous trees and shrubs, including the Kentucky coffee tree
  • cafe brulot — black coffee flavored with sugar, lemon and orange rinds, cloves, cinnamon, and brandy, ignited and allowed to flame briefly.
  • cafe filtre — a strong black filtered coffee
  • cafe royale — black coffee, to which cognac, lemon peel, sugar, and sometimes cinnamon have been added.

On this page, we collect all 11-letter words starting with letter C. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 11-letter word that beginning with C to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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