Words starting with anamet

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Maybe these words will be useful:
  • anamonic — A mnemonic used for recalling lists of words, particularly in Scrabble, consisting of a \"stem\" of base letters and an accompanying phrase, each of whose letters can combine with the stem to form an anagram of a word.
  • anamorphoses — Plural form of anamorphosis.
  • anam — a former kingdom and French protectorate along the E coast of French Indochina: now part of Vietnam.
  • anambra — a state of S Nigeria. Capital: Awka. Pop: 4 182 031 (2006). Area: 4844 sq km (1870 sq miles)
  • anammelech — one of the gods worshiped by the Sepharvites. II Kings 17:31.
  • anamneses — the recollection or remembrance of the past; reminiscence.
  • anamnesis — the ability to recall past events; recollection
  • anamnestic — of or relating to anamnesis
  • anamniote — any vertebrate animal, such as a fish or amphibian, that lacks an amnion, chorion, and allantois during embryonic development