7-letter words starting with aga

  • agaçant — provocative
  • against — If one thing is leaning or pressing against another, it is touching it.
  • agalite — a fibrous variety of talc.
  • agamede — a daughter of Augeas noted for her skill at using herbs for healing.
  • agamete — a reproductive cell, such as the merozoite of some protozoans, that develops into a new form without fertilization
  • agamids — Plural form of agamid.
  • agamoid — resembling an agama
  • agamous — agamic
  • agapeic — showing unconditional love
  • agapism — Belief in selfless, charitable brotherly love.
  • agarics — Plural form of agaric.
  • agarita — a tall shrub, Mahonia trifoliolata, of the barberry family, of southwestern North America, having stiff, oblong leaflets with spiny teeth and a red fruit used in jelly.
  • agarose — a polysaccharide gelatinous substance usually extracted from agar, used mainly in agarose gel electrophoresis and in microbial cultures
  • agassiz — Jean Louis Rodolphe (ʒɑ̃ lwi rɔdɔlf). 1807–73, Swiss natural historian and geologist, settled in the US after 1846
  • agastya — the legendary Aryan sage who introduced the Vedas to southern India.
  • agathon — c450–c400 b.c, Greek poet and dramatist.
  • agatize — to turn into agate
  • agatoid — resembling agate
  • agaynst — Obsolete spelling of against.

On this page, we collect all 7-letter words starting with AGA. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 7-letter word that beginning with AGA to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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