Words starting with abuyer

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  • abu dhabi — a sheikhdom (emirate) of SE Arabia, on the S coast of the Persian Gulf: the chief sheikhdom and capital of the United Arab Emirates, consisting principally of the port of Abu Dhabi and a desert hinterland; contains major oilfields. Pop: 476 000 (2005 est). Area: 67 350 sq km (25 998 sq miles)
  • abu hanifa — a.d. 699–767, Islamic scholar and founder of one of the schools of Islamic law.
  • abu hanifah — 700–67 ad, Muslim theologian and teacher of jurisprudence
  • abu qir — a village of N Egypt, in the Nile River delta: Battle of the Nile near here (1798).
  • abu simbel — a former village in S Egypt: site of two temples of Rameses II, which were moved to higher ground (1966–67) before the area behind the Aswan High Dam was flooded
  • abu-bakr — a.d. 573-634; successor of Mohammed & 1st caliph of Islam ( a.d. 632-634): father of Aisha
  • abu-bekr — 573–634 ad, companion and father-in-law of Mohammed; the first caliph of Islam
  • abubble — (of liquids) bubbling
  • abuilding — in the process of being built or building