Words starting with aa

2 letter words starting with aa

  • aa — a volcanic rock consisting of angular blocks of lava with a very rough surface

3 letter words starting with aa

  • aaa — Amateur Athletic Association
  • aab — (military) initialism of anti-aircraft battery.
  • aac — Advanced Audio Coding
  • aad — (Geordie) old.
  • aah — to exclaim in pleasure or surprise

4 letter words starting with aa

  • aaal — American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • aaas — American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • aada — (military) initialism of anti-aircraft defended area.
  • aadl — Axiomatic Architecture Description Language
  • aals — Plural form of aal.

5 letter words starting with aa

  • aahed — Simple past tense and past participle of aah.
  • aalii — a bushy sapindaceous shrub, Dodonaea viscosa, of Australia, Hawaii, Africa, and tropical America, having small greenish flowers and sticky foliage
  • aalst — city in WC Belgium, near Brussels: pop. 76,000
  • aalto — Alvar (ˈalvar). 1898–1976, Finnish architect and furniture designer, noted particularly for his public and industrial buildings, in which wood is much used. He invented bent plywood furniture (1932)
  • aamsu — All Assam Manipuri Students Union

6 letter words starting with aa

  • aachen — a city and spa in W Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia: the northern capital of Charlemagne's empire. Pop: 256 605 (2003 est)
  • aargau — a canton in N Switzerland. Capital: Aarau. Pop: 556 200 (2002 est). Area: 1404 sq km (542 sq miles)
  • aarhus — Århus
  • aarnet — Australian Academic Research Network
  • aarthi — Alternative form of aarti.

7 letter words starting with aa

  • aalborg — a city and port in Denmark, in N Jutland. Pop: 121 549 (2004 est)
  • aaronic — of or relating to Aaron, his family, or the priestly dynasty initiated by him
  • aaron's beard — rose of Sharon (def 2).
  • aaron's rod — the rod used by Aaron in performing a variety of miracles in Egypt. It later blossomed and produced almonds (Numbers 17)

8 letter words starting with aa

  • aalesund — a seaport in W Norway.
  • aardvark — a nocturnal mammal, Orycteropus afer, the sole member of its family (Orycteropodidae) and order (Tubulidentata). It inhabits the grasslands of Africa, has long ears and snout, and feeds on termites
  • aardwolf — a nocturnal mammal, Proteles cristatus, that inhabits the plains of southern Africa and feeds on termites and insect larvae: family Hyaenidae (hyenas), order Carnivora (carnivores)
  • aaronite — one of the priestly descendants of Aaron.
  • aasvogel — a South African vulture

9 letter words starting with aa

10 letter words starting with aa

13 letter words starting with aa

On this page, we collect all words starting with AA. To make easier to find the right word we have divided all 56 words to groups according to their length. So you should go to appropriate page if can’t find the word that beginning with AA. that you are searching. Also you can use this page in Scrabble.

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