14-letter words starting with a

  • a bag of bones — a lean creature
  • a bed of roses — a situation of comfort or ease
  • a can of worms — If you say that someone is opening a can of worms, you are warning them that they are planning to do or talk about something which is much more complicated, unpleasant, or difficult than they realize and which might be better left alone.
  • a crying shame — You can say that something is a crying shame if you are annoyed and upset about it.
  • a dime a dozen — very cheap or common
  • a dog's chance — no chance at all
  • a dog's dinner — something that is messy or bungled
  • a doll's house — a play (1879) by Henrik Ibsen.
  • a dusty answer — an unhelpful or bad-tempered reply
  • a fair hearing — If someone gives you a fair hearing or a hearing, they listen to you when you give your opinion about something.
  • a far cry from — Something that is a far cry from something else is very different from it.
  • a grands frais — at great cost or expense.
  • a head for sth — If you a have a head for something, you can deal with it easily. For example, if you have a head for figures, you can do arithmetic easily, and if you have a head for heights, you can climb to a great height without feeling afraid.
  • a l'americaine — prepared with tomatoes, garlic, wine, shallots, and herbs: lobster à l’américaine.
  • a l'improviste — all of a sudden; unexpectedly; suddenly.
  • a la francaise — in the French manner
  • a loose cannon — If someone is a loose cannon, they do whatever they want and nobody can predict what they are going to do.
  • a pack of lies — If you say that an account is a pack of lies, you mean that it is completely untrue.
  • a pretty penny — a considerable sum of money
  • a punta d'arco — (of performance of a musical passage for a stringed instrument) with the point of the bow.
  • a thing or two — If you say that a person knows a thing or two about something or could teach someone a thing or two about it, you mean that they know a lot about it or are good at it.
  • abarticulation — (anatomy) An articulation, especially one that permits free motion in the joint; a hinge joint.
  • abbe condenser — a microscope condenser invented by Ernst Abbe (1840-1905), German physicist
  • abdominopelvic — (anatomy) Of or pertaining to the abdomen and (the cavity of) the pelvis.
  • abdominoplasty — the surgical removal of excess skin and fat from the abdomen
  • abducens nerve — cranial nerve
  • abducent nerve — either one of the sixth pair of cranial nerves composed of motor fibers that innervate the lateral rectus muscle of the eye.
  • abdul-hamid ii — 1842–1918, sultan of Turkey (1876–1909), deposed by the Young Turks, noted for his brutal suppression of the Armenian revolt (1894–96)
  • aberdeen angus — a black hornless breed of beef cattle originating in Scotland
  • abiotic factor — a nonliving condition or thing, as climate or habitat, that influences or affects an ecosystem and the organisms in it: Abiotic factors can determine which species of organisms will survive in a given environment.
  • abominableness — the state or quality of being abominable; loathsomeness
  • aboriculturist — One skilled in arboricultural matters; one who plants, tends and maintains trees.
  • abortifacients — Plural form of abortifacient.
  • above all else — Above all else is used to emphasize that a particular thing is more important than other things.
  • above reproach — perfect; beyond criticism
  • above the line — a mark or stroke long in proportion to its breadth, made with a pen, pencil, tool, etc., on a surface: a line down the middle of the page.
  • above-the-line — denoting entries printed above the horizontal line on a company's profit-and-loss account separating the entries that show how the profit (or loss) was made from the entries showing how the profit is to be distributed
  • abovementioned — mentioned or written above: The role was sung by the abovementioned Mr. Phillips.
  • abraham cowleyAbraham, 1618–67, English poet.
  • absaroka range — a range in S Montana and NW Wyoming: part of the Rocky Mountains. Highest peak, 13,140 feet (4005 meters).
  • absentee voter — a voter who votes in advance because of being unable to go to the polling place.
  • absentmindedly — so lost in thought that one does not realize what one is doing, what is happening, etc.; preoccupied to the extent of being unaware of one's immediate surroundings.
  • absolute music — music that is not designed to depict or evoke any scene or event
  • absolute pitch — the ability to identify exactly the pitch of a note without comparing it to another
  • absolute scale — temperature (absolute temperature) as measured on a scale in which the hypothetical lowest limit of physical temperatures is assigned the value zero (absolute zero) as the Kelvin scale.
  • absolute space — space that is not affected by what occupies it or occurs within it and that provides a standard for distinguishing inertial systems from other frames of reference.
  • absolute value — the positive real number equal to a given real but disregarding its sign. Written | x |. Where r is positive, | r | = r = | –r |
  • absorbefacient — a medicine or other agent that promotes absorption
  • absorbing well — a well for draining off surface water and conducting it to absorbent earth underground.
  • absorptiometer — an instrument that measures absorption of light, esp by a solution

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