15-letter words that end in ve

  • accessory nerve — either one of the eleventh pair of cranial nerves, which supply the muscles of the head, shoulders, larynx, and pharynx and the viscera of the abdomen and thorax
  • all-wheel drive — a system used in motor vehicles in which all four (or more) wheels are permanently connected to the source of power, in such a way that each wheel is able to rotate at a different speed
  • alpha privative — (in Greek grammar) the letter alpha (or an- before vowels) used as a negative or privative prefix. It appears in English words derived from Greek, as in atheist, anaesthetic
  • anti-productive — having the power of producing; generative; creative: a productive effort.
  • anticommutative — (of a binary operation) having the property that one term operating on a second is equal to the negative of the second operating on the first, as ab = −ba.
  • anticompetitive — (in business) discouraging competition
  • antihypotensive — An antihypotensive is any drug that raises low blood pressure.
  • antiprogressive — opposed to or acting against progression in society
  • antispeculative — opposed to or acting against speculation
  • autocorrelative — Relating to autocorrelation.
  • autodestructive — likely to cause one's own destruction
  • automatic drive — an automotive transmission requiring either very little or no manual shifting of gears.
  • bare infinitive — an infinitive verb form without to, used with certain auxiliary verbs , as in I must go. All I did was ask. We might win.
  • bat-wing sleeve — formed, shaped, etc., like the wing of a bat.
  • brown-and-serve — requiring only a brief period of browning, as in an oven, before being ready to serve: brown-and-serve rolls.
  • butterfly valve — a disc that acts as a valve by turning about a diameter, esp one used as the throttle valve in a carburettor
  • button mangrove — a tropical tree, Conocarpus erectus, having small, reddish, conelike fruits and bark used in tanning.
  • central reserve — the strip, often covered with grass, that separates the two sides of a motorway or dual carriageway
  • charm offensive — If you say that someone has launched a charm offensive, you disapprove of the fact that they are being very friendly to their opponents or people who are causing problems for them.
  • chief executive — the person with overall responsibility for the efficient running of a company, organization, etc
  • circumscriptive — That circumscribes or outlines.
  • concavo-concave — (esp of a lens) having both sides concave; biconcave
  • continuous wave — an electromagnetic wave, esp. a radio wave, with a constant amplitude and frequency
  • convexo-concave — having one side convex and the other side concave
  • cosignificative — having the same meaning or sense
  • cradle-to-grave — extending throughout one's life, from birth to death: a cradle-to-grave system of health care.
  • de broglie wave — a hypothetical wave associated with the motion of a particle of atomic or subatomic size that describes effects such as the diffraction of beams of particles by crystals.
  • degree of curve — a continuously bending line, without angles.
  • depressor nerve — any nerve that when stimulated produces a fall in blood pressure by dilating the arteries or lowering the heartbeat
  • differentiative — That differentiates, or causes differentiation.
  • direct positive — a positive obtained from another positive without an intermediate step.
  • disassimilative — of or relating to disassimilation
  • double genitive — a possessive construction consisting of a prepositional phrase with of containing a substantive in the possessive case, as of father's in He is a friend of father's.
  • double negative — a syntactic construction in which two negative words are used in the same clause to express a single negation.
  • dr. strangelove — a person, especially a military or government official, who advocates initiating nuclear warfare.
  • electronegative — Electrically negative.
  • electropositive — Electrically positive.
  • experimentative — having a tendency to experiment; experimental; of the nature of an experiment
  • federal reserve — In the United States, the Federal Reserve is the central banking system, which is responsible for setting policy on monetary matters such as money supply and interest rates.
  • frequency curve — a curve representing the frequency with which a variable assumes its values.
  • gardening leave — If someone who leaves their job is given gardening leave, they continue to receive their salary and in return they agree not to work for anyone else for a period of time.
  • gatefold sleeve — a record sleeve that opens out like a book
  • hard disk drive — (storage)   (HDD) A disk drive used to read and write hard disks.
  • heteronormative — noting or relating to behavior or attitudes consistent with traditional male or female gender roles and the assumption of heterosexuality as the norm: our heteronormative culture.
  • house detective — an employee of a department store, hotel, etc., employed to prevent thefts, violations of regulations, or other forms of misconduct on the part of patrons.
  • hyperaggressive — characterized by or tending toward unprovoked offensives, attacks, invasions, or the like; militantly forward or menacing: aggressive acts against a neighboring country.
  • hyperresponsive — responding especially readily and sympathetically to appeals, efforts, influences, etc.: a responsive government.
  • impact adhesive — a glue designed to give adhesion when two coated surfaces are pressed together
  • in the negative — by saying no
  • incommunicative — not communicative; reserved; uncommunicative.

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