Words ending with try

3 letter words ending with try

  • try — to attempt to do or accomplish: Try it before you say it's simple.
  • college try — an enthusiastic attempt that utilizes all one's energy and resources

4 letter words ending with try

  • atry — lying to under a trysail in heavy weather; trying.
  • btry — battery (of artillery)

5 letter words ending with try

  • autryGene, 1907–1998, U.S. actor and singer.
  • entry — An act of going or coming in.
  • extry — (dialectal) extra.
  • nitry — nitrous; comprising nitre
  • retry — to attempt to do or accomplish: Try it before you say it's simple.

6 letter words ending with try

  • -iatry — indicating healing or medical treatment
  • -latry — indicating worship of or excessive veneration of
  • -metry — indicating the process or science of measuring
  • centry — Obsolete form of sentry.
  • fratry — frater2 .

7 letter words ending with try

  • adultry — Misspelling of adultery.
  • agentry — the duty or activity of an agent
  • bigotry — Bigotry is the possession or expression of strong, unreasonable prejudices or opinions.
  • chantry — an endowment for the singing of Masses for the soul of the founder or others designated by him or her
  • choltry — a place where travellers can rest

8 letter words ending with try

  • advoutry — adultery
  • ancestry — Your ancestry is the fact that you are descended from certain people.
  • artistry — Artistry is the creative skill of an artist, writer, actor, or musician.
  • babbitry — the attitude and behavior of a Babbitt.
  • banditry — Banditry is used to refer to acts of robbery and violence in areas where the rule of law has broken down.

9 letter words ending with try

  • aerometry — an instrument for determining the weight, density, etc., of air or other gases.
  • algometry — a device for determining sensitiveness to pain caused by pressure.
  • allometry — the study of the growth of part of an organism in relation to the growth of the entire organism
  • allopatry — the condition of existing in areas that are geographically separated from one another; esp the condition of genetically similar species which cannot interbreed because of this geographical separation
  • altimetry — the science of measuring altitudes, as with an altimeter

10 letter words ending with try

  • acidimetry — the determination of the amount of acid present in a solution, measured by an acidimeter or by volumetric analysis
  • anemometry — the technique of measuring wind speed and direction
  • araeometry — the science of estimating the specific gravity of fluids through the use of an araeometer
  • astrolatry — a reverence for, devotion to, or deification of celestial objects
  • astrometry — the branch of astronomy concerned with the measurement of the position and motion of celestial bodies

11 letter words ending with try

  • actinometry — The measurement of the heating power of electromagnetic radiation, especially that of solar radiation.
  • alkalimetry — determination of the amount of alkali or base in a solution, measured by an alkalimeter or by volumetric analysis
  • alt.country — a genre of country music originating in the 1990s and influenced by both early country music and contemporary rock music
  • angelolatry — the worship of angels
  • archeometry — the branch of archaeology that deals with the dating of archaeological specimens through specific techniques, as radiocarbon dating and amino-acid dating.

12 letter words ending with try

  • agroforestry — a method of farming integrating herbaceous and tree crops
  • agroindustry — an activity combining agriculture and industry
  • antisymmetry — the correspondence in size, form, and arrangement of parts on opposite sides of a plane, line, or point; regularity of form or arrangement in terms of like, reciprocal, or corresponding parts.
  • archaeometry — the use of science and modern technology in archaeology to examine and interpret archaeological remains
  • biochemistry — Biochemistry is the study of the chemical processes that happen in living things.

13 letter words ending with try

  • agro-industry — the large-scale production, processing, and packaging of food using modern equipment and methods.
  • alcoholometry — the process of measuring the concentration of alcohol in a liquid, such as in blood or a liquor
  • anthropolatry — the worship of a human as a god
  • anthropometry — the comparative study of sizes and proportions of the human body
  • complexometry — a chemical technique using the formation of a colored complex to indicate the end of a titration.

14 letter words ending with try

  • absorptiometry — (chemistry) Analysis using an absorptiometer.
  • antipsychiatry — an approach to mental disorders that makes use of concepts derived from existentialism, psychoanalysis, and sociological theory
  • astrochemistry — the study of the chemistry of celestial bodies and space, esp by means of spectroscopy
  • cosmochemistry — the study of the chemical composition of the celestial bodies
  • cytophotometry — the use of a photometer in order to study the chemical compounds of a cell

15 letter words ending with try

  • actinochemistry — the branch of chemistry dealing with actinism; photochemistry.
  • astrophotometry — the measurement of the intensity of light of celestial objects.
  • biogeochemistry — the science of biological, chemical, and geological aspects of the environment
  • chemopsychiatry — the study and application of chemical substances in psychiatry
  • dendrochemistry — (chemistry) the science, related to dendrochronology, that uses the analysis of trace minerals in tree rings to study air pollution in past times.

16 letter words ending with try

  • electrochemistry — The branch of chemistry that deals with the relations between electrical and chemical phenomena.
  • magnetochemistry — the study of magnetic and chemical phenomena in their relation to one another.
  • mechanochemistry — the field of chemistry that deals with the direct conversion of chemical into mechanical energy.
  • spectrochemistry — the branch of chemistry that deals with the chemical analysis of substances by means of the spectra of light they absorb or emit.
  • sphygmomanometry — an instrument, often attached to an inflatable air-bladder cuff and used with a stethoscope, for measuring blood pressure in an artery.

17 letter words ending with try

  • paleobiochemistry — the study of biochemical processes that occurred in fossil life forms.
  • spectrophotometry — an instrument for making photometric comparisons between parts of spectra.
  • variable-geometry — denoting an aircraft in which the wings are hinged to give the variable aspect ratio colloquially known as a swing-wing

18 letter words ending with try

19 letter words ending with try

  • immunocytochemistry — the detection of chemical components of cells by means of antibodies coupled to substances that can be made visible.
  • ultramicrochemistry — the branch of microchemistry dealing with minute quantities of material weighing one microgram or less.

20 letter words ending with try

  • immunohistochemistry — the application of immunologic techniques to the chemical analysis of cells and tissues.

22 letter words ending with try

  • microspectrophotometry — a spectrophotometer for examining light emitted, transmitted, or reflected by minute objects.

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