11-letter words that end in op

  • agency shop — a contract arrangement between an employer and the union representing the majority of employees, which requires those who do not wish to be members to pay the union a fee equivalent to union dues
  • at a gallop — If you do something at a gallop, you do it very quickly.
  • bandywallop — an imaginary town, far from civilization
  • barber shop — A barber shop is a shop where a barber works.
  • barber-shop — Also called, especially British, barber's shop. the place of business of a barber.
  • bastard pop — a type of popular music in which two records, usually from different genres or eras, are blended together into a whole, often using the vocal performance from one and the instrumental from the other
  • bay scallop — a small scallop, Pecten irradians, inhabiting shallow waters and mud flats from southeastern Canada to the Gulf of Mexico, especially eastern Long Island Sound.
  • beauty shop — A beauty shop is the same as a beauty parlour.
  • bottle shop — A bottle shop is a shop which sells wine, beer, and other alcoholic drinks.
  • bridal shop — a shop that specializes in selling bridal wear
  • british lop — a breed of large white pig with large drooping ears, originating from Wales, Cumberland, and Ulster
  • bucket shop — an unregistered firm of stockbrokers that engages in speculation with clients' funds
  • bumper crop — large harvest
  • cattle-stop — a grid of metal bars covering a hollow or hole dug in a roadway, intended to prevent the passage of livestock while allowing vehicles, etc, to pass unhindered
  • chamber pop — pop music that incorporates orchestral arrangements
  • channel-hop — to change television channels repeatedly using a remote control device
  • closed shop — If a factory, shop, or other business is a closed shop, the employees must be members of a particular trade union.
  • closed-loop — of or relating to a processing system in which effluents are recycled, that is, treated and returned for reuse.
  • cock-a-hoop — askew; confused
  • coffee shop — A coffee shop is a kind of restaurant that sells coffee, tea, cakes, and sometimes sandwiches and light meals.
  • corner shop — A corner shop is a small shop, usually on the corner of a street, that sells mainly food and household goods.
  • double-crop — to raise two consecutive crops on the same land within a single growing season.
  • double-stop — to play a double stop on (a stringed instrument).
  • drag-n-drop — (spelling)   Stupid spelling of drag and drop.
  • energy crop — plant cultivated for fuel
  • flower shop — a shop where flowers and pot plants are sold
  • folding top — A folding top is a soft roof of a vehicle that can be folded down or removed.
  • french chop — a rib chop, usually of lamb, with the meat trimmed from the end of the bone.
  • ground loop — a sharp horizontal loop performed, usually involuntarily, while touching the ground.
  • hippety-hop — with a hopping movement
  • humming top — a top that hums as it spins
  • in the loop — a portion of a cord, ribbon, etc., folded or doubled upon itself so as to leave an opening between the parts.
  • inside loop — a loop during which the top of the airplane is on the inner side of the curve described by the course of flight.
  • karate chop — a sharp blow used in karate, usually delivered by a slanting stroke with the side of the hand.
  • karate-chop — a sharp blow used in karate, usually delivered by a slanting stroke with the side of the hand.
  • letter drop — (in a door or partition) a slot through which letters can be pushed.
  • lippes loop — a polyethylene intrauterine contraceptive device, shaped like a double S
  • midriff top — a woman's blouse that exposes her midriff
  • mobile shop — a van, truck, etc, which travels from place to place and from which goods are sold
  • mom and pop — a small family-owned private business enterprise
  • mom-and-pop — of or relating to a small retail business, usually owned and operated by members of a family: a mom-and-pop grocery.
  • mountaintop — The summit or top part of a mountain.
  • mutton chop — cutlet of sheep's meat
  • off the top — from gross income
  • overdevelop — Develop too much or to excess.
  • pigeon drop — a confidence game or sleight-of-hand swindle whereby cash is extracted from the victim as collateral for a supposed share in a large sum of discovered money, dishonest profits, or gambling winnings, which in fact are nonexistent.
  • prusik loop — a loop formed with a sliding knot that locks under pressure in which a climber can place his foot in order to stand or ascend a rope
  • record shop — store selling recorded music
  • reject shop — a shop that sells damaged or imperfect products that cannot be sold at the full price
  • repair shop — garage, body shop: for vehicles

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