Words ending with ment

4 letter words ending with ment

  • ment — (obsolete) Simple past tense and past participle of meng.

5 letter words ending with ment

  • ament — a mentally deficient person

6 letter words ending with ment

  • cement — Cement is a grey powder which is mixed with sand and water in order to make concrete.
  • dement — to deteriorate mentally, esp because of old age
  • foment — to instigate or foster (discord, rebellion, etc.); promote the growth or development of: to foment trouble; to foment discontent.
  • lament — to feel or express sorrow or regret for: to lament his absence.
  • loment — a pod that is contracted in the spaces between the seeds and that breaks at maturity into one-seeded indehiscent joints.

7 letter words ending with ment

  • ailment — An ailment is an illness, especially one that is not very serious.
  • aliment — something that nourishes or sustains the body or mind
  • augment — To augment something means to make it larger, stronger, or more effective by adding something to it.
  • clement — Clement weather is pleasantly mild and dry.
  • comment — If you comment on something, you give your opinion about it or you give an explanation for it.

8 letter words ending with ment

  • abetment — to encourage, support, or countenance by aid or approval, usually in wrongdoing: to abet a swindler; to abet a crime.
  • abutment — the state or process of abutting
  • agrement — diplomatic approval of a country
  • argument — An argument is a statement or set of statements that you use in order to try to convince people that your opinion about something is correct.
  • armament — Armament is used to refer to weapons and bombs carried by an aircraft or other military vehicle.

9 letter words ending with ment

  • abasement — to reduce or lower, as in rank, office, reputation, or estimation; humble; degrade.
  • abashment — to destroy the self-confidence, poise, or self-possession of; disconcert; make ashamed or embarrassed: to abash someone by sneering.
  • abatement — Abatement means a reduction in the strength or power of something or the reduction of it.
  • adornment — An adornment is something that is used to make a person or thing more beautiful.
  • affixment — the act of attaching or affixing

10 letter words ending with ment

  • abridgment — a shortened version of a written work
  • accruement — the action of accruing
  • additament — an addition
  • adjustment — An adjustment is a small change that is made to something such as a machine or a way of doing something.
  • advisement — consultation; deliberation

11 letter words ending with ment

  • abandonment — The abandonment of a place, thing, or person is the act of leaving it permanently or for a long time, especially when you should not do so.
  • abolishment — to do away with; put an end to; annul; make void: to abolish slavery.
  • abridgement — a shortened or condensed form of a book, speech, etc., that still retains the basic contents: an abridgment of Tolstoy's War and Peace.
  • achievement — An achievement is something which someone has succeeded in doing, especially after a lot of effort.
  • acquirement — an acquiring or being acquired

12 letter words ending with ment

  • accouchement — childbirth or the period of confinement
  • accouplement — a timber joist or beam that serves as a tie or support
  • accouterment — an accoutering or being accoutered
  • accoutrement — Accoutrements are all the things you have with you when you travel or when you take part in a particular activity.
  • admonishment — to caution, advise, or counsel against something.

13 letter words ending with ment

  • accompaniment — The accompaniment to a song or tune is the music that is played at the same time as it and forms a background to it.
  • admeasurement — the act of admeasuring
  • advertisement — An advertisement is an announcement in a newspaper, on television, or on a poster about something such as a product, event, or job.
  • advertizement — a paid announcement, as of goods for sale, in newspapers or magazines, on radio or television, etc.
  • affreightment — a contract hiring a ship to carry goods

14 letter words ending with ment

  • accomplishment — An accomplishment is something remarkable that has been done or achieved.
  • acknowledgment — An acknowledgment is a statement or action which recognizes that something exists or is true.
  • aftertreatment — a method or device for reducing harmful emissions from internal-combustion engines before they are released into the atmosphere, for example a filter or a catalytic converter
  • aggrandisement — an act or instance of aggrandizing, or increasing in size, or intensity: aggrandizement of mercantile trade in the early colonies.
  • aggrandizement — If someone does something for aggrandizement, they do it in order to get power, wealth, and importance for themselves.

15 letter words ending with ment

  • acknowledgement — An acknowledgement is a statement or action which recognizes that something exists or is true.
  • counterargument — A counterargument is an argument that makes an opposing point to another argument.
  • countermovement — the act, process, or result of moving.
  • disentanglement — Removal of, or extrication from twists, tangles, complications or confusion.
  • disillusionment — to free from or deprive of illusion, belief, idealism, etc.; disenchant.

16 letter words ending with ment

  • anti-development — the act or process of developing; growth; progress: child development; economic development.
  • bargain-basement — very low-priced.
  • counterstatement — a statement made to deny or refute another statement.
  • disestablishment — to deprive of the character of being established; cancel; abolish.
  • disfranchisement — to deprive (a person) of a right of citizenship, as of the right to vote.

17 letter words ending with ment

  • antiestablishment — opposed to or working against the existing power structure or mores, as of society or government: Antiestablishment candidates promised to disband the army, Congress, and the cabinet if elected.
  • non-reimbursement — to make repayment to for expense or loss incurred: The insurance company reimbursed him for his losses in the fire.
  • non-reinforcement — the act of reinforcing.
  • pre-enlightenment — the act of enlightening.
  • self-estrangement — to turn away in feeling or affection; make unfriendly or hostile; alienate the affections of: Their quarrel estranged the two friends.

18 letter words ending with ment

19 letter words ending with ment

  • cape-disappointmentCape, a cape in SW Washington state, projecting into the Pacific Ocean on the N of the mouth of the Columbia River.
  • self-aggrandizement — increase of one's own power, wealth, etc., usually aggressively.

21 letter words ending with ment

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