9-letter words that end in ll

  • a a brill — A(braham) A(rden) 1874–1948, U.S. psychoanalyst and author, born in Austria.
  • above all — You say above all to indicate that the thing you are mentioning is the most important point.
  • acid cell — Electricity. a cell using an acid electrolyte.
  • aeroshell — a protective shield, containing a parachute, which slows a spacecraft during re-entry to the earth's atmosphere and landing
  • after all — You use after all when introducing a statement which supports or helps explain something you have just said.
  • air drill — a drill powered by compressed air.
  • anti-pill — denoting a material that does not form pills or that resists pilling
  • appenzell — a canton of NE Switzerland, divided in 1597 into the Protestant demicanton of Appenzell Outer Rhodes and the Catholic demicanton of Appenzell Inner Rhodes. Capitals: Herisau and Appenzell, respectively. Pop: 53 200 and Pop: 15 000 (2002 est) respectively. Areas: 243 sq km (94 sq miles) and 171 sq km (66 sq miles) respectively
  • ark shell — any marine bivalve of the family Arcidae, especially of the genus Arca, characterized by a heavy shell with a toothed hinge and a deep, boatlike inner surface.
  • aspergill — An aspergillum.
  • astrofell — (in the works of Spenser) an unidentified plant, commonly believed to be akin to an aster
  • baby bell — one of the seven regional telephone companies formed after the breakup of the Bell system in 1983.
  • baby doll — a doll that looks like a baby
  • backstall — the loss of power and tendency to drop of a kite in low winds
  • ball mill — a horizontal cylinder or cone in which a substance, such as a mineral, is ground by rotation with steel or ceramic balls
  • band mill — a powered machine having two pulleys for a saw band or a file band; band saw.
  • bandshell — a type of bandstand enclosed at the back
  • bank bill — a bill of exchange drawn by one bank on another
  • beachball — a large light brightly coloured ball for playing with on a beach
  • beam fill — material, as concrete, for filling spaces between beams or joists in or on top of a masonry wall.
  • beam mill — a rolling mill for roughing a bloom and rolling it into a shape.
  • bean ball — a pitch aimed at the batter's head, in violation of the rules
  • beer hall — a bar, cabaret, or the like, chiefly serving beer and usually offering music, dancing, etc.
  • bell pull — a handle, rope, or cord that is pulled to ring a doorbell or servant's bell
  • best-ball — of, relating to, or denoting a match in which one player competes against the best individual totals of two or more other players at each hole
  • beta cell — B cell (def 2).
  • bird call — a sound made by a bird.
  • blackball — If the members of a club blackball someone, they vote against that person being allowed to join their club.
  • blackpoll — a North American warbler, Dendroica striata, the male of which has a black-and-white head
  • blackwell — Elizabeth1821-1910; 1st woman physician in the U.S., born in England
  • blue pill — a pill of blue mass, used in medicine chiefly as a cathartic.
  • body cell — somatic cell.
  • bodyshell — the external shell of a motor vehicle
  • bombshell — A bombshell is a sudden piece of bad or unexpected news.
  • bone cell — a cell found in bone in any of its functional states; an osteoblast, osteoclast, or osteocyte.
  • bonnibell — a pretty girl
  • book gill — the gill of a horseshoe crab, composed of numerous membranous structures arranged like the leaves of a closed book.
  • bookstall — A bookstall is a long table from which books and magazines are sold, for example at a conference or in a street market.
  • boot hill — a cemetery of a frontier settlement, especially one in which gunfighters were buried.
  • box stall — a small stall with four walls for holding a horse
  • bracknell — a town in SE England, in Bracknell Forest unitary authority, Berkshire, designated a new town in 1949. Pop: 70 795 (2001)
  • breakwall — breakwater
  • bridewell — a house of correction; jail, esp for minor offences
  • broadbill — any passerine bird of the family Eurylaimidae, of tropical Africa and Asia, having bright plumage and a short wide bill
  • broomball — a sport similar to ice hockey, played without skates and with a specially designed broom
  • brudenell — James Thomas, the 7th Earl of Cardigan
  • buckyball — a ball-like polyhedral carbon molecule of the type found in buckminsterfullerene and other fullerenes
  • bump ball — a ball that bounces into the air after being hit directly into the ground by the batsman
  • cane gall — a disease of blackberries, characterized by rough, warty outgrowths on the canes, caused by a bacterium, Agrobacterium rubi.
  • cataphyll — a simplified form of plant leaf, such as a scale leaf or cotyledon

On this page, we collect all 9-letter words ending in LL. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 9-letter word that ends in LL to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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