Words ending with lk

2 letter words ending with lk

  • lk — (networking)   The country code for Sri Lanka.

3 letter words ending with lk

  • blk — black
  • clk — clerk
  • elk — Extension Language Kit
  • ilk — family, class, or kind: he and all his ilk.
  • mlk — Martin Luther King, Jr.

4 letter words ending with lk

  • balk — If you balk at something, you definitely do not want to do it or to let it happen.
  • bilk — To bilk someone out of something, especially money, means to cheat them out of it.
  • bulk — You can refer to something's bulk when you want to emphasize that it is very large.
  • calk — a metal projection on a horse's shoe to prevent slipping
  • dalk — A pin; brooch; clasp.

5 letter words ending with lk

  • baulk — the space, usually 29 inches deep, between the baulk line and the bottom cushion
  • caulk — If you caulk something such as a boat, you fill small cracks in its surface in order to prevent it from leaking.
  • chalk — Chalk is a type of soft white rock. You can use small pieces of it for writing or drawing with.
  • ntalk — (chat)   ("new talk") An update of the Unix "talk" program, old versions of "talk" being referred to as "old talk". New talk and old talk are generally incompatible, and attempts to get them to communicate result in entirely unhelpful error messages. On most modern Unix systems, the program "talk" is new talk, with some SunOS versions being a notable and annoying exception to this.
  • sculk — to lie or keep in hiding, as for some evil reason: The thief skulked in the shadows.

6 letter words ending with lk

  • actalk — (language)   A Smalltalk-based actor language developed by J-P Briot in 1989.
  • bytalk — trivial conversation
  • chaulk — (obsolete, now only nonstandard, rare) alternative spelling of chalk.
  • debulk — (transitive, surgery) To remove part of (a malignant tumour).
  • nuxalk — a member of a Salishan Native Canadian people of British Columbia

7 letter words ending with lk

  • bechalk — to mark with chalk
  • by-talk — incidental conversation; small talk; chitchat.
  • catwalk — At a fashion show, the catwalk is a narrow platform that models walk along to display clothes.
  • dundalk — a town in central Maryland, near Baltimore.
  • jaywalk — to cross a street at a place other than a regular crossing or in a heedless manner, as diagonally or against a traffic light.

8 letter words ending with lk

  • backtalk — an impudent response; impudence.
  • bushwalk — to hike through bushland
  • cakewalk — If you say that something is a cakewalk, you mean that it is very easy to do or achieve.
  • cornsilk — The fine threadlike styles on an ear of corn.
  • duckwalk — Walk with the body in a squatting posture.

9 letter words ending with lk

  • appletalk — (networking, protocol)   A proprietary local area network protocol developed by Apple Computer, Inc. for communication between Apple products (e.g. Macintosh) and other computers. This protocol is independent of the network layer on which it runs. Current implementations exist for Localtalk, a 235 kilobyte per second local area network and Ethertalk, a 10 megabyte per second local area network.
  • back-talk — an impudent response; impudence.
  • beanstalk — the stem of a bean plant
  • boardwalk — A boardwalk is a path made of wooden boards, especially one along a beach.
  • churnmilk — buttermilk

10 letter words ending with lk

  • break-bulk — of or relating to packaged cargo, usually manufactured goods, that is marked for individual consignees and has to be loaded and unloaded piece by piece at each point of transfer. Compare bulk1 (def 3), containerization.
  • bridgetalk — (language)   A visual language.
  • buttermilk — Buttermilk is the liquid that remains when fat has been removed from cream when butter is being made. You can drink buttermilk or use it in cooking.
  • chalk-talk — a talk or lecture in which the speaker illustrates points by drawing on a blackboard: The coach gave a chalk talk before the big game.
  • cradlewalk — a garden walkway covered by arched trees

11 letter words ending with lk

  • countryfolk — people living or raised in the country; rustics.
  • double-talk — speech using nonsense syllables along with words in a rapid patter.
  • nitro-chalk — a chemical fertilizer containing calcium carbonate and ammonium nitrate
  • smooth-talk — to persuade by flattery, cajolery, coaxing, or the like: We smooth-talked the company into a huge donation.

19 letter words ending with lk

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