Words ending with ler

3 letter words ending with ler

  • ler — the personification of the sea and the father of Manannan: corresponds to the Welsh Llyr.

5 letter words ending with ler

  • abler — having necessary power, skill, resources, or qualifications; qualified: able to lift a two-hundred-pound weight; able to write music; able to travel widely; able to vote.
  • adler — Alfred (ˈalfreːt). 1870–1937, Austrian psychiatrist, noted for his descriptions of overcompensation and inferiority feelings
  • baler — an agricultural machine for making bales of hay, etc
  • eeler — A fisherman who catches eels.
  • euler — [Named after the Swiss mathematician Leonhard Euler (1707-1783)] A revision of ALGOL by Niklaus Wirth. A small predecessor of Pascal.

6 letter words ending with ler

  • ambler — Eric. 1909–1998, English novelist. His thrillers include The Mask of Dimitrios (1939), Journey into Fear (1940), A Kind of Anger (1964), and Doctor Frigo (1974)
  • ampler — Comparative form of ample.
  • angler — An angler is someone who fishes with a fishing rod as a hobby.
  • antler — A male deer's antlers are the branched horns on its head.
  • ashler — Masonry. a squared building stone cut more or less true on all faces adjacent to those of other stones so as to permit very thin mortar joints. such stones collectively. masonry made of them.

7 letter words ending with ler

  • babbler — a person who babbles
  • baffler — Something that causes one to be baffled, particularly a difficult puzzle or riddle.
  • battler — a hostile encounter or engagement between opposing military forces: the battle of Waterloo.
  • beagler — a person who hunts with beagles
  • beetler — a person who operates a beetling machine,

8 letter words ending with ler

  • abseiler — Someone who abseils.
  • appealer — an earnest request for aid, support, sympathy, mercy, etc.; entreaty; petition; plea.
  • assailer — One who assails; an assailant.
  • batteler — (at Oxford University) a student who charges food and other costs to a battel account
  • beguiler — to influence by trickery, flattery, etc.; mislead; delude.

9 letter words ending with ler

  • assembler — An assembler is a person, a machine, or a company which assembles the individual parts of a vehicle or a piece of equipment such as a computer.
  • biofouler — an animal that obstructs or pollutes the environment
  • canceller — to make void; revoke; annul: to cancel a reservation.
  • caracoler — a horse that caracoles
  • carpooler — a member of a carpool

10 letter words ending with ler

  • autodialer — An electronic device that dials telephone numbers randomly or from a list and may also leave messages and request information.
  • bamboozler — to deceive or get the better of (someone) by trickery, flattery, or the like; humbug; hoodwink (often followed by into): They bamboozled us into joining the club. Synonyms: gyp, dupe, trick, cheat, swindle, defraud, flimflam, hoax, gull, rook; delude, mislead, fool.
  • bankroller — the person or organization that provides the finance for a project, business, etc
  • baseballer — a person who plays baseball
  • bestseller — A bestseller is a book of which a great number of copies has been sold.

11 letter words ending with ler

  • aftercooler — a device for cooling compressed air or gases to reduce their volume or temperature.
  • appenzeller — a cow's milk cheese, originally made in the canton of Appenzell in Switzerland.
  • auto-dialer — a telephone device that makes possible a service feature (au·to-dial) whereby a call is automatically made in response to a brief input signal from the user, as the pressing of a button.
  • autodialler — Alternative spelling of autodialer.
  • ballhandler — a player particularly skilled at passing and dribbling

12 letter words ending with ler

  • basketballer — (informal) A basketball player; a person who plays basketball.
  • beautifuller — (obsolete) Comparative form of beautiful.
  • bloodcurdler — something causing great fright or horror: a bloodcurdler of a mystery novel.
  • conventicler — One who supports or frequents conventicles.
  • crowd-puller — If you describe a performer or event as a crowd-puller, you mean that they attract a large audience.

13 letter words ending with ler

  • bobby-dazzler — anything outstanding, striking, or showy, esp an attractive girl
  • cliff-dweller — a member of a prehistoric people of the southwestern US who built shelters on the ledges of cliffs or in caves
  • cyberthriller — A thriller whose plot hinges on cyberspace.
  • direct-mailer — a person or firm engaged in direct-mail advertising.
  • flesh-peddler — an employment agent or agency, especially one that recruits executives.

14 letter words ending with ler

  • chiller-diller — chiller (def 2).
  • cross-compiler — a compiler able to create executable code for a platform different from the one the compiler is run on
  • fortune-teller — a person who claims the ability to predict the future.
  • french-cruller — a rich, light cake cut from a rolled dough and deep-fried, usually having a twisted oblong shape and sometimes topped with sugar or icing.
  • grade-schooler — a pupil in a grade school.

15 letter words ending with ler

  • contrapropeller — one of two propellers, usually attached to a ship or aircraft, which rotates in the opposite direction to the other
  • cross-assembler — An assembler which runs on one type of processor and produces machine code for another. There is a set of 6502, 68xx and Zilog Z80 and 8085 cross-assemblers in C by <[email protected]> and Alan R. Baldwin. They run under MS-DOS and could be compiled to run under Unix and on the Amiga and Atari ST. See also fas.
  • microcontroller — A microcomputer on a single chip, used to control some device such as an automobile engine or a toy.
  • techno-thriller — a suspense novel in which the manipulation of sophisticated technology, as of aircraft or weapons systems, plays a prominent part.
  • tractor-trailer — a combination trucking unit consisting of a tractor hooked up to a full trailer or a semitrailer.

16 letter words ending with ler

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