Words ending with k

2 letter words ending with k

  • ak — Alaska
  • bk — bank
  • ck — Cook Islands

3 letter words ending with k

  • ack — (military, now historical) The letter A as used in signalling and other types of communications.
  • afk — away from keyboard
  • ark — In the Bible, the ark was a large boat which Noah built in order to save his family and two of every kind of animal from the Flood.
  • ask — If you ask someone something, you say something to them in the form of a question because you want to know the answer.
  • atk — antitank

4 letter words ending with k

  • a-ok — in perfect working order; excellent
  • adak — an island in SW Alaska, in the Andreanof group of the Aleutian Islands.
  • amok — a state of murderous frenzy, originally observed among Malays
  • anik — one of a series of Canadian geosynchronous communications satellites that provide telephone and television transmissions.
  • arak — city in WC Iran: pop. 331,000

5 letter words ending with k

  • aback — towards the back; backwards
  • acock — in a cocked position
  • afaik — as far as I know
  • aimak — one of the 18 largest regions into which the Mongolian People's Republic is divided for administrative purposes.
  • alack — used to express regret, surprise, dismay, etc.

6 letter words ending with k

  • alcock — Sir John William. 1892–1919, English aviator who with A.W. Brown made the first nonstop flight across the Atlantic (1919)
  • amalek — a grandson of Esau: Gen. 36:9-12
  • amtrak — a government-owned organization providing intercity passenger railroad services in the US
  • anorak — An anorak is a warm waterproof jacket, usually with a hood.
  • arawak — a member of a South American Indian people living chiefly in NE South America and formerly in the West Indies

7 letter words ending with k

  • achinsk — a city in the S central Russian Federation in Asia.
  • ack-ack — anti-aircraft fire
  • afognak — an island off southern Alaska, in the Gulf of Alaska, N of Kodiak Island. 721 sq. mi. (1867 sq. km).
  • airlock — An airlock is a small room that is used to move between areas which do not have the same air pressure, for example in a spacecraft or submarine.
  • airpack — an apparatus consisting of a face mask connected to a portable air supply, as an air tank that can be strapped to one's back, used especially by firefighters and search teams in areas of smoke, poisonous fumes, intense heat, etc.

8 letter words ending with k

  • aardvark — a nocturnal mammal, Orycteropus afer, the sole member of its family (Orycteropodidae) and order (Tubulidentata). It inhabits the grasslands of Africa, has long ears and snout, and feeds on termites
  • abelmosk — a tropical bushy malvaceous plant, Hibiscus abelmoschus, cultivated for its yellow-and-crimson flowers and for its musk-scented seeds, which yield an oil used in perfumery
  • air-lock — to place in or confine to an air lock: to air-lock divers before they descend.
  • airbrick — a brick with holes in it, put into the wall of a building for ventilation
  • alchevsk — a city in E Ukraine. Pop: 117 000 (2005 est)

9 letter words ending with k

  • afterdeck — the unprotected deck behind the bridge of a ship
  • afterpeak — the space behind the aftermost bulkhead, often used for storage
  • afterwork — outside work hours; taking place or done after one's regular job is finished.
  • akmolinsk — former name of Akmola.
  • amberjack — any of several large carangid fishes of the genus Seriola, esp S. dumerili, with golden markings when young, occurring in tropical and subtropical Atlantic waters

10 letter words ending with k

  • adirondack — a member of an Algonquian people living mainly north of the St. Lawrence River.
  • aftershock — Aftershocks are smaller earthquakes which occur after a large earthquake.
  • aktyubinsk — city in W Kazakhstan: pop. 248,000
  • almetyevsk — a city in the Tatar Republic, in the W Russian Federation in Europe, SE of Kazan.
  • alpenstock — an early form of ice axe, consisting of a stout stick with an iron tip and sometimes having a pick and adze at the head, formerly used by mountain climbers

11 letter words ending with k

  • apparatchik — An apparatchik is someone who works for a government or a political party and who obeys orders.
  • arkhangelsk — seaport in NW Russia, at the mouth of the Northern Dvina River: pop. 407,000
  • bandkeramik — the pottery of the early Neolithic Danubian culture of Europe, having characteristic parallel spiral lines over the body and neck of the gourdlike vessels and dated 5000–4000 b.c.
  • bashibazouk — (in the 19th century) one of a group of irregular Turkish soldiers notorious for their brutality
  • beaverbrook — 1st Baron, title of William Maxwell Aitken. 1879–1964, British newspaper proprietor and Conservative politician, born in Canada, whose newspapers included the Daily Express; minister of information (1918); minister of aircraft production (1940–41)

12 letter words ending with k

  • back-to-back — Back-to-back wins or victories are victories that are gained one after another without any defeats between them.
  • badger-skunk — Also called badger skunk, rooter skunk. a large, naked-muzzled skunk, Conepatus mesoleucus, common in the southwestern U.S. and Mexico, having a black coat with one broad white stripe down the back and tail.
  • bashi-bazouk — a member of the notoriously brutal 19th-cent. Turkish irregulars
  • battery-parkThe, a park at the S end of Manhattan, in New York City.
  • between-deck — 'tween deck.

13 letter words ending with k

  • aleksandrovsk — a city in SE Ukraine, on the Dnieper River.
  • anti-kickback — a percentage of income given to a person in a position of power or influence as payment for having made the income possible: usually considered improper or unethical.
  • basement-rock — the undifferentiated assemblage of rock (basement rock) underlying the oldest stratified rocks in any region: usually crystalline, metamorphosed, and mostly, but not necessarily, Precambrian in age.
  • chock-a-block — A place that is chock-a-block is very full of people, things, or vehicles.
  • counterattack — If you counterattack, you attack someone who has attacked you.

14 letter words ending with k

  • anti-bolshevik — a person who is opposed to Bolshevism
  • anxiety-attack — an intense attack of anxiety characterized by feelings of impending doom and trembling, sweating, pounding heart, and other physical symptoms.
  • black-on-black — concerning black people exclusively
  • blankety-blank — damned
  • clickety-clack — a rhythmic, swiftly paced succession of alternating clicks and clacks, as the sound produced by the wheels of a train moving over tracks.

15 letter words ending with k

  • blagoveshchensk — a city and port in E Russia, in Siberia on the Amur River. Pop: 222 000 (2005 est)

16 letter words ending with k

  • around-the-clock — all day and all night
  • cock-of-the-rock — either of two tropical South American birds, Rupicola rupicola or R. peruviana, having an erectile crest and (in the male) a brilliant red or orange plumage: family Cotingidae (cotingas)

17 letter words ending with k

19 letter words ending with k

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