Words ending with im

2 letter words ending with im

  • im — instant message.

3 letter words ending with im

  • aim — If you aim for something or aim to do something, you plan or hope to achieve it.
  • bim — a native or inhabitant of Barbados
  • cim — computer input on microfilm
  • dim — DIM statement
  • gim — (dialect, dated) neat; spruce.

4 letter words ending with im

  • alim — An educated scholar of Islamic law; a member of the ulema class.
  • brim — The brim of a hat is the wide part that sticks outwards at the bottom.
  • chim — Alt form cheem.
  • crim — criminal
  • dwim — /dwim/ [acronym, "Do What I Mean" (not what I say)] 1. Able to guess, sometimes even correctly, the result intended when bogus input was provided. 2. The BBNLISP/INTERLISP function that attempted to accomplish this feat by correcting many of the more common errors. See hairy. 3. Occasionally, an interjection hurled at a balky computer, especially when one senses one might be tripping over legalisms (see legalese). Warren Teitelman originally wrote DWIM to fix his typos and spelling errors, so it was somewhat idiosyncratic to his style, and would often make hash of anyone else's typos if they were stylistically different. Some victims of DWIM thus claimed that the acronym stood for "Damn Warren's Infernal Machine!'. In one notorious incident, Warren added a DWIM feature to the command interpreter used at Xerox PARC. One day another hacker there typed "delete *$" to free up some disk space. (The editor there named backup files by appending "$" to the original file name, so he was trying to delete any backup files left over from old editing sessions.) It happened that there weren't any editor backup files, so DWIM helpfully reported "*$ not found, assuming you meant 'delete *'". It then started to delete all the files on the disk! The hacker managed to stop it with a Vulcan nerve pinch after only a half dozen or so files were lost. The disgruntled victim later said he had been sorely tempted to go to Warren's office, tie Warren down in his chair in front of his workstation, and then type "delete *$" twice. DWIM is often suggested in jest as a desired feature for a complex program; it is also occasionally described as the single instruction the ideal computer would have. Back when proofs of program correctness were in vogue, there were also jokes about "DWIMC" (Do What I Mean, Correctly). A related term, more often seen as a verb, is DTRT (Do The Right Thing); see Right Thing.

5 letter words ending with im

  • abrim — filled to the brim
  • arnim — Achim von (ˈaxɪm fɔn). 1781–1831, German romantic poet. He published, with Clemens Brentano, the collection of folk songs, Des Knaben Wunderhorn (1805–08)
  • aswim — in a drifting or bobbing manner
  • bedim — to make dim or obscure
  • claim — If you say that someone claims that something is true, you mean they say that it is true but you are not sure whether or not they are telling the truth.

6 letter words ending with im

  • antrim — a historical county of NE Northern Ireland, famous for the Giant's Causeway on the N coast: in 1973 it was replaced for administrative purposes by the districts of Antrim, Ballymena, Ballymoney, Carrickfergus, Larne, Moyle, Newtownabbey, and parts of Belfast and Lisburn. Area: 3100 sq km (1200 sq miles)
  • baalim — any of numerous local deities among the ancient Semitic peoples, typifying the productive forces of nature and worshiped with much sensuality.
  • betrim — to decorate or adorn
  • blosim — Block-Diagram Simulator. A block-diagram simulator. "A Tool for Structured Functional Simulation", D.G. Messerschmitt, IEEE J on Selected Areas in Comm, SAC-2(1):137-147, 1984.
  • c++sim — A class library like the simulation class libraries of SIMULA, by Mark Little <[email protected]>. Version: 1.0.

7 letter words ending with im

  • acclaim — If someone or something is acclaimed, they are praised enthusiastically.
  • alfheim — the domain of elves.
  • anaheim — a city in SW California: site of Disneyland. Pop: 332 361 (2003 est)
  • asherim — an ancient Semitic goddess, sometimes identified with Ashtoreth and Astarte, worshiped by the Phoenicians and Canaanites.
  • cellsim — (application)   A program for modelling populations of biological cells.

8 letter words ending with im

  • alastrim — a form of smallpox caused by the virus Variola minor
  • blenheim — a village in SW Germany, site of a victory of Anglo-Austrian forces under the Duke of Marlborough and Prince Eugène of Savoy that saved Vienna from the French and Bavarians (1704) during the War of the Spanish Succession
  • chadarim — plural of cheder.
  • chasidim — Hasidim
  • cherubim — a celestial being. Gen. 3:24; Ezek. 1, 10.

9 letter words ending with im

  • barenboim — Daniel. born 1942, Israeli concert pianist and conductor, born in Argentina
  • blindheim — Blenheim
  • bodenheimMaxwell, 1892–1954, U.S. poet and novelist.
  • broadbrim — a broad-brimmed hat, esp one worn by the Quakers in the 17th century
  • capitatim — Per head.

10 letter words ending with im

  • algorithim — (spelling)   It's spelled "algorithm".
  • alternatim — (in sacred music) alternating between two modes
  • bettelheimBruno, 1903–90, U.S. psychologist, educator, and writer, born in Austria.
  • crossclaim — a secondary claim brought by a defendant in a lawsuit on a co-defendant
  • guggenheimDaniel, 1856–1930, U.S. industrialist and philanthropist.

11 letter words ending with im

  • abd-el-krim — 1882–1963, Moroccan chief who led revolts against Spain and France, surrendered before their combined forces in 1926, but later formed the North African independence movement
  • nonverbatim — Not verbatim, i.e. not corresponding to the original, word for word.
  • utnapishtim — the favorite of the gods, who survived the great flood and became immortal.

12 letter words ending with im

  • counterclaim — a claim set up in opposition to another, esp by the defendant in a civil action against the plaintiff
  • trimethoprim — a synthetic crystalline compound, C 11 H 18 N 4 O 3 , usually combined with a sulfonamide as an antibiotic preparation in the treatment of urinary tract infections and pneumocystis pneumonia.

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