13-letter words that end in hip

  • assistantship — a graduate post which requires the student to carry out some teaching duties in return for financial assistance
  • associateship — to connect or bring into relation, as thought, feeling, memory, etc.: Many people associate dark clouds with depression and gloom.
  • barristership — the office of a barrister
  • brinksmanship — the technique or practice of maneuvering a dangerous situation to the limits of tolerance or safety in order to secure the greatest advantage, especially by creating diplomatic crises.
  • candidateship — candidature
  • chaperoneship — State or position of chaperone.
  • chieftainship — the chief of a clan or a tribe.
  • churchmanship — The craft or skill of being a churchman. (from 17th c.).
  • co-authorship — the state a coauthor
  • coadjutorship — the state of being a coadjutor
  • colleagueship — workplace companionship
  • collectorship — The rank or office of a collector of customs or other taxes.
  • commandership — a person who commands.
  • committeeship — (formerly) the office of a person to whom the care of a mentally incompetent person or his or her property was entrusted by a court
  • companionship — Companionship is having someone you know and like with you, rather than being on your own.
  • computer chip — a small integrated circuit of a kind used in computers
  • conductorship — The position of conductor of an orchestra.
  • confessorship — the office or function of a confessor
  • containership — a ship specially designed or equipped for carrying containerized cargo
  • copartnership — a partnership or association between two equals, esp in a business enterprise
  • cosponsorship — joint sponsorship
  • counselorship — The function and rank or office of a counselor.
  • craftsmanship — Craftsmanship is the skill that someone uses when they make beautiful things with their hands.
  • custodianship — the condition of being a custodian
  • devil worship — the worship of Satan or of a demon
  • disfellowship — (in some Protestant religions) the status of a member who, because of some serious infraction of church policy, has been denied the church's sacraments and any post of responsibility and is officially shunned by other members.
  • draftsmanship — a person employed in making mechanical drawings, as of machines, structures, etc.
  • drilling ship — a ship provided with drilling equipment and used especially for carrying out test drills
  • gladiatorship — the work of a gladiator
  • grantsmanship — skill in securing grants, as for research, from federal agencies, foundations, or the like.
  • homeownership — a person who owns a home.
  • hospital ship — a ship built to serve as a hospital, especially used to treat the wounded in wartime and accorded safe passage by international law.
  • housewifeship — the role of a housewife, household management
  • indentureship — a deed or agreement executed in two or more copies with edges correspondingly indented as a means of identification.
  • inspectorship — The condition of being an inspector; the office of an inspector.
  • landownership — an owner or proprietor of land.
  • librarianship — a profession concerned with acquiring and organizing collections of books and related materials in libraries and servicing readers and others with these resources.
  • merchant ship — law: commercial vessel
  • moderatorship — The position or office of a moderator.
  • nonmembership — the fact or condition of being a nonmember
  • ombudsmanship — The position or office of an ombudsman.
  • one-upmanship — the art or practice of achieving, demonstrating, or assuming superiority in one's rivalry with a friend or opponent by obtaining privilege, status, status symbols, etc.: the one-upmanship of getting into the president's car pool.
  • physicianship — the position, function, or office of a physician.
  • possessorship — to have as belonging to one; have as property; own: to possess a house and a car.
  • preceptorship — an instructor; teacher; tutor.
  • presidentship — presidency.
  • pretendership — the standing of a pretender
  • principalship — first or highest in rank, importance, value, etc.; chief; foremost.
  • professorship — the office or post of a professor.
  • prosectorship — the position or responsibility of a prosector

On this page, we collect all 13-letter words ending in HIP. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 13-letter word that ends in HIP to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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