Words ending with ark

3 letter words ending with ark

  • ark — In the Bible, the ark was a large boat which Noah built in order to save his family and two of every kind of animal from the Flood.
  • holy ark — a cabinet in a synagogue set into or against the wall that faces eastward toward Jerusalem, for keeping the scrolls of the Torah.
  • noah's ark — the patriarch who built a ship (Noah's Ark) in which he, his family, and animals of every species survived the Flood. Gen. 5–9.
  • out of the ark — very old; out of date

4 letter words ending with ark

  • bark — When a dog barks, it makes a short, loud noise, once or several times.
  • cark — to break down; die
  • dark — When it is dark, there is not enough light to see properly, for example because it is night.
  • fark — (Australia, NZ, vulgar) eye dialect of fucktrue, used to express surprise, etc.
  • hark — to listen attentively; hearken.

5 letter words ending with ark

  • chark — charred wood or coal; charcoal
  • clark — Helen. born 1950, New Zealand Labour politician; prime minister (1999–2008); administrator of the United Nations Development Programme from 2009
  • glark — /glark/ To figure something out from context. "The System III manuals are pretty poor, but you can generally glark the meaning from context." Interestingly, the word was originally "glork"; the context was "This gubblick contains many nonsklarkish English flutzpahs, but the overall pluggandisp can be glorked [sic] from context" (David Moser, quoted by Douglas Hofstadter in his "Metamagical Themas" column in the January 1981 "Scientific American"). It is conjectured that hackish usage mutated the verb to "glark" because glork was already an established jargon term. Compare grok, zen.
  • ozark — a town in SE Alabama.
  • quark — Physics. any of the hypothetical particles with spin 1/2, baryon number 1/3, and electric charge 1/3 or −2/3 that, together with their antiparticles, are believed to constitute all the elementary particles classed as baryons and mesons; they are distinguished by their flavors, designated as up (u), down (d), strange (s), charm (c), bottom or beauty (b), and top or truth (t), and their colors, red, green, and blue. Compare color (def 18), flavor (def 5), quantum chromodynamics, quark model.

6 letter words ending with ark

  • d-mark — deutsche mark
  • debark — to remove the bark from (a tree)
  • demark — to remove all trace of (a person or thing)
  • embark — Go on board a ship, aircraft, or other vehicle.
  • empark — Obsolete form of impark.

7 letter words ending with ark

  • airpark — a small airport often near a business or residential area
  • bulwark — A bulwark against something protects you against it. A bulwark of something protects it.
  • danmark — Denmark
  • daymark — a marker or construction that is only visible by day and that is used by sailors to navigate
  • denmark — a kingdom in N Europe, between the Baltic and the North Sea: consists of the mainland of Jutland and about 100 inhabited islands (chiefly Zealand, Lolland, Funen, Falster, Langeland, and Bornholm); extended its territory throughout the Middle Ages, ruling Sweden until 1523 and Norway until 1814, and incorporating Greenland as a province from 1953 to 1979; joined the Common Market (now the EU) in 1973; an important exporter of dairy produce. Language: Danish. Religion: Christian, Lutheran majority. Currency: krone. Capital: Copenhagen. Pop: 5 556 452 (2013 est). Area: 43 031 sq km (16 614 sq miles)

8 letter words ending with ark

  • aardvark — a nocturnal mammal, Orycteropus afer, the sole member of its family (Orycteropodidae) and order (Tubulidentata). It inhabits the grasslands of Africa, has long ears and snout, and feeds on termites
  • aquapark — A water park.
  • ballpark — A ballpark is a park or stadium where baseball is played.
  • baresark — berserker
  • bookmark — A bookmark is a narrow piece of card or leather that you put between the pages of a book so that you can find a particular page easily.

9 letter words ending with ark

  • antiquark — the antiparticle of a quark
  • antishark — designed to protect against shark attacks
  • benchmark — A benchmark is something whose quality or quantity is known and which can therefore be used as a standard with which other things can be compared.
  • birthmark — A birthmark is a mark on someone's skin that has been there since they were born.
  • boschvark — a bush pig of S Africa

10 letter words ending with ark

  • bitterbark — an Australian tree, Alstonia constricta, with bitter-tasting bark that is used in preparing tonic medicines
  • fingermark — a mark, especially a smudge or stain, made by a finger.
  • meadowlark — any of several American songbirds of the genus Sturnella, of the family Icteridae, especially S. magna (eastern meadowlark) and S. neglecta (western meadowlark) having a brownish and black back and wings and a yellow breast, noted for their clear, tuneful song.
  • pentaquark — a subatomic particle consisting of four quarks and one antiquark
  • pitch-dark — dark or black as pitch: a pitch-dark night.

11 letter words ending with ark

  • countermark — a mark on an object that is additional to a mark already on that object, and that serves a purpose such as enhancing security, or noting a change in the value of that object, etc
  • deutschmark — the former standard monetary unit of Germany, divided into 100 pfennigs; replaced by the euro in 2002: until 1990 the standard monetary unit of West Germany
  • double-park — If someone double-parks their car or their car double-parks, they park in a road by the side of another parked car.

12 letter words ending with ark

  • battery-parkThe, a park at the S end of Manhattan, in New York City.
  • stringy-bark — any of several eucalyptus trees having a fibrous bark

13 letter words ending with ark

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