Words ending with ance

4 letter words ending with ance

  • ance — (chiefly, Scotland) alternative spelling of once.

5 letter words ending with ance

  • -ance — indicating an action, state or condition, or quality
  • dance — If you dance a particular kind of dance, you do it or perform it.
  • gance — Abel (abɛl). 1889–1981, French film director, whose works include J'accuse (1919, 1937) and Napoléon (1927), which introduced the split-screen technique
  • hance — (transitive, obsolete) To raise, to elevate.
  • lance — a male given name.

6 letter words ending with ance

  • adance — Dancing.
  • chance — If there is a chance of something happening, it is possible that it will happen.
  • crance — (nautical) An iron band, at the end of a bowsprit, fitted with eyes to take the bowsprit shrouds and the bobstay.
  • elance — (transitive, archaic) To throw like a lance; to hurl.
  • fiance — a man engaged to be married. Synonyms: future groom, future husband, future spouse, betrothed.

7 letter words ending with ance

  • advance — To advance means to move forward, often in order to attack someone.
  • aidance — help
  • askance — with an oblique glance
  • balance — If you balance something somewhere, or if it balances there, it remains steady and does not fall.
  • cadance — Misspelling of cadence.

8 letter words ending with ance

  • abeyance — a state of being suspended or put aside temporarily
  • abidance — the act or state of abiding.
  • acutance — a physical rather than subjective measure of the sharpness of a photographic image
  • adamance — a state of resoluteness
  • affiance — to bind (a person or oneself) in a promise of marriage; betroth

9 letter words ending with ance

  • aberrance — departing from the right, normal, or usual course.
  • abondance — (card games) Alternative form of abundance.
  • abundance — An abundance of something is a large quantity of it.
  • admirance — an admiration (for)
  • agreeance — the act or state of agreeing; agreement.

10 letter words ending with ance

  • aboundance — (obsolete) abundance.
  • absorbance — a measure of the light-absorbing ability of an object, expressed as the logarithm to base 10 of the reciprocal of the internal transmittance
  • abstenance — Misspelling of abstinence (by confusion with abstention).
  • acceptance — Acceptance of an offer or a proposal is the act of saying yes to it or agreeing to it.
  • accordance — conformity; agreement; accord (esp in the phrase in accordance with)

11 letter words ending with ance

  • absorptance — a measure of the ability of an object to absorb radiation, equal to the ratio of the absorbed radiant flux to the incident flux. For a layer of material the ratio of the flux absorbed between the entry and exit surfaces of the layer to the flux leaving the entry surface is the internal absorptance
  • acquittance — a release from or settlement of a debt, etc
  • aggrievance — Oppression; hardship; injury; grievance.
  • aquaintance — Misspelling of acquaintance.
  • assemblance — the action or process of gathering or congregating

12 letter words ending with ance

  • acquaintance — An acquaintance is someone who you have met and know slightly, but not well.
  • appurtenance — a secondary or less significant thing or part
  • circumstance — The circumstances of a particular situation are the conditions which affect what happens.
  • clairvoyance — the alleged power of perceiving things beyond the natural range of the senses
  • complaisance — deference to the wishes of others; willing compliance

13 letter words ending with ance

  • antiresonance — a phenomenon in an electric, acoustic, or other such system in which the impedance is tending to infinity.
  • bancassurance — the selling of insurance products by a bank to its customers
  • coinheritance — joint inheritance
  • country-dance — a dance of rural English origin in which the dancers form circles or squares or in which they face each other in two rows.
  • dataveillance — the surveillance of a person's activities by studying the data trail created by actions such as credit card purchases, mobile phone calls, and internet use

14 letter words ending with ance

  • autocovariance — (statistics) The covariance of a signal with another part of the same signal.
  • back-clearance — Machinery. the gradual termination of a groove on the body of an object not ending there, as the upper termination of a flute in a twist drill. Also called back clearance. a space in a depressed area of an object into which a machine tool or grinding wheel may safely enter at the end of a pass or operation.
  • contravariance — (computer science) The reversal of the order of data types acted upon by an operator.
  • counterbalance — To counterbalance something means to balance or correct it with something that has an equal but opposite effect.
  • discontinuance — the act or state of discontinuing or the state of being discontinued; cessation: the discontinuance of a business.

15 letter words ending with ance

  • counterfeisance — the act of counterfeiting
  • counterinstance — an instance that refutes a theory
  • cross-tolerance — the resistance to one or more effects of a substance because of tolerance to a pharmacologically similar substance: a cross-tolerance of some alcoholics to anesthetics.
  • heterotolerance — (immunology) Subsequent unresponsiveness to a different agonist.
  • long-sufferance — long-suffering.

16 letter words ending with ance

  • counter-instance — a case or occurrence of anything: fresh instances of oppression.
  • cross-resistance — immunologic resistance to the pathogenic effects of a microorganism because of previous exposure to another species or type having cross-reactive antigens.
  • high-maintenance — needing frequent maintenance or repair: My bike is high-maintenance; this is its third front wheel this month.
  • high-performance — A high-performance car or other product goes very fast or does a lot.
  • platform-balance — a scale with a platform for holding the items to be weighed.

17 letter words ending with ance

  • magnetoresistance — a change in the electrical resistance of a material upon exposure to a magnetic field.
  • self-significance — importance; consequence: the significance of the new treaty.
  • ultramicrobalance — a balance for weighing precisely, to a hundredth of a microgram or less, minute quantities of material.

18 letter words ending with ance

  • bankers-acceptance — a draft or bill of exchange that a bank has accepted. Abbreviation: BA. Also called banker's acceptance. Compare acceptance (def 6).

19 letter words ending with ance

20 letter words ending with ance

  • mechanical-impedance — Electricity. the total opposition to alternating current by an electric circuit, equal to the square root of the sum of the squares of the resistance and reactance of the circuit and usually expressed in ohms. Symbol: Z.
  • specific-conductance — conductivity (def 2).

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