9-letter words that end in ame

  • advergame — an online video game that promotes a particular brand, product, or marketing message by integrating it into the game.
  • aftergame — a game following a previous game, often intended to reverse the fortunes of that previous game
  • aspartame — an artificial sweetener produced from aspartic acid. Formula: C14H18N2O5
  • away game — a game played at an opponent's ground
  • ball game — Ball games are games that are played with a ball such as tennis, baseball, and football.
  • birthname — a name given at birth
  • blackgame — a large grouse found in northern Europe and Asia
  • bowl game — bowl1 (def 8).
  • box frame — Architecture. a monolithic reinforced-concrete structure having walls and floors in the form of slabs.
  • card game — A card game is a game that is played using a set of playing cards.
  • code name — A code name is a name used for someone or something in order to keep their identity secret.
  • code-name — to assign a code name to.
  • doorframe — the frame of a doorway, including two jambs and a lintel, or head.
  • draw game — a game in which a player must keep drawing pieces from the boneyard until a playable one is drawn.
  • easy game — a person who is easily deceived or taken advantage of
  • fair game — a legitimate or likely object of attack, mockery, etc.: With his fat, round face, the politician was fair game for the cartoonists.
  • file name — an arrangement of characters that enables a computer system to permit the user to have access to a particular file
  • firstname — given name.
  • font name — a Christian name; baptismal name; first name.
  • footframe — a rigid midsole molded into the back part of a shoe or boot, adding stability.
  • for shame — the painful feeling arising from the consciousness of something dishonorable, improper, ridiculous, etc., done by oneself or another: She was overcome with shame.
  • forthcame — Simple past form of forthcome.
  • full name — first, middle and last names
  • good name — reputation
  • head game — effort to confuse or delude sb
  • headframe — a structure supporting the hoisting sheaves at the top of a mine shaft.
  • hippodame — a sea horse
  • home game — a game played on a team's home ground
  • key frame — (graphics)   A frame in an animated sequence of frames which was drawn or otherwise constructed directly by the user rather than generated automatically, e.g. by tweening.
  • last name — surname (def 1).
  • long game — the aspect of golf considered in relation to the ability of a player to hit shots, especially drives, for distance. Compare short game (def 1).
  • love game — a game in which one's opponent fails to win a point.
  • mainframe — a large computer, often the hub of a system serving many users.
  • mind game — an action or statement intended to undermine or mislead someone else, often to gain advantage for oneself
  • misbecame — Simple past tense and past participle of misbecome.
  • old flame — An old flame is someone with whom you once had a romantic relationship.
  • open game — a relatively simple game involving open ranks and files, permitting tactical play, and usually following symmetrical development
  • packframe — a framework, usually of lightweight metal tubing, that supports a backpack on the wearer, often by curved extensions that fit over the shoulders.
  • placename — the name given to or held by a geographical location, as a town, city, village, etc.
  • rakeshame — a shamefully dissolute person; rogue
  • reinflame — to inflame again
  • self-same — You use self-same when you want to emphasize that the person or thing mentioned is exactly the same as the one mentioned previously.
  • skin game — a dishonest or unscrupulous business operation, scheme, etc.
  • sub-frame — a border or case for enclosing a picture, mirror, etc.
  • timeframe — the period of time within which certain events are scheduled to occur
  • tradename — the name used by a trade to refer to a commodity, service, etc
  • troy game — a solemn ritual performed at irregular intervals by the ancient Romans to signalize their alleged descent from the Trojans: notable for the interweaving labyrinthine maneuvers executed by youths on horseback.
  • undername — a word or a combination of words by which a person, place, or thing, a body or class, or any object of thought is designated, called, or known.
  • user name — Also called login name, logon name, sign-in name, sign-on name. a unique sequence of characters used to identify a user and allow access to a computer system, computer network, or online account.
  • wall game — a type of football played at Eton against a wall

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