9-letter words that end in al

  • -ological — -ological is used to replace '-ology' at the end of nouns in order to form adjectives that describe something as relating to a particular science or subject. For example, 'biological' means relating to biology.
  • aaronical — Aaronic.
  • abactinal — (of organisms showing radial symmetry) situated away from or opposite to the mouth; aboral
  • abbatical — (obsolete) alternate form of abbatial (Attested from the mid 17th century until the mid 19th century.).
  • abdominal — Abdominal is used to describe something that is situated in the abdomen or forms part of it.
  • ablatival — relating to the ablative case
  • accentual — of, relating to, or having accents; rhythmic
  • acquittal — Acquittal is a formal declaration in a court of law that someone who has been accused of a crime is innocent.
  • acritical — showing no indication of crisis
  • acronical — happening at sunset, as the rising of a star
  • acropetal — (of leaves and flowers) produced in order from the base upwards so that the youngest are at the apex
  • acrosomal — relating to the acrosome
  • actuarial — Actuarial means relating to the work of an actuary.
  • acyclical — (economics) Moving independent of the overall state of an economy.
  • adenoidal — having the nasal tones or impaired breathing of one with enlarged adenoids
  • adnominal — a word modifying a noun
  • adverbial — Adverbial means relating to adverbs or like an adverb.
  • aethereal — ethereal
  • agentival — of the performer of an action
  • agnatical — relating to agnates
  • agrestial — inhabiting a rural area
  • air medal — a U.S. military decoration awarded for meritorious achievement during participation in aerial operations
  • albitical — related to or formed of albite
  • alecithal — (of an ovum) having little or no yolk
  • algicidal — killing or preventing the growth of algae
  • alimental — Supplying food; nourishing.
  • altricial — (of the young of some species of birds after hatching) naked, blind, and dependent on the parents for food
  • amatorial — of or relating to lovers or lovemaking; expressive of love: amatory poems; an amatory look.
  • ambrosial — of or fit for the gods; divine
  • ammonical — (inorganic chemistry) Of or pertaining to ammonia.
  • amyloidal — resembling an amyloid; starch-like
  • anaclinal — (of valleys and similar formations) progressing in a direction opposite to the dip of the surrounding rock strata
  • anaphoral — relating to the prayer of oblation and consecration performed during Holy Communion
  • anarchial — characterized by anarchy or political confusion
  • ancestral — You use ancestral to refer to a person's family in former times, especially when the family is important and has property or land which they have had for a long time.
  • ancipital — flattened and having two edges
  • anecdotal — Anecdotal evidence is based on individual accounts, rather than on reliable research or statistics, and so may not be valid.
  • angelical — of or belonging to angels: the angelic host.
  • anorectal — relating to the anus and rectum
  • antenatal — Antenatal means relating to the medical care of women when they are expecting a baby.
  • antidotal — a medicine or other remedy for counteracting the effects of poison, disease, etc.
  • antimoral — Opposing or countering moral behaviour.
  • antinodal — the region of maximum amplitude between two adjacent nodes in a standing wave.
  • antipapal — opposed to the pope
  • antipedal — (in a mollusk) located opposite the foot.
  • antipodal — of or relating to diametrically opposite points on the earth's surface
  • antiroyal — opposed to the monarchy
  • antiviral — inhibiting the growth of viruses
  • apertural — relating to aperture or an aperture
  • appraisal — If you make an appraisal of something, you consider it carefully and form an opinion about it.

On this page, we collect all 9-letter words ending in AL. It’s easy to find right word with a certain length. It is the easiest way to find 9-letter word that ends in AL to use in Scrabble or Crossword puzzles.

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