4-letter words containing tr

  • atry — lying to under a trysail in heavy weather; trying.
  • attr — Abbreviation of attributive.
  • btrl — (company)   British Telecom Research Laboratories.
  • btry — battery (of artillery)
  • ctrl — control
  • detr — Department of the Environment, Transport, and the Regions
  • etrn — (messaging, protocol)   ("Extended TURN") An ESMTP command (first defined in RFC 1985) with which a client asks the server to deliver queued mail to the client via a new ESMTP connection. ETRN supersedes the SMTP "TURN" command in the same way that ESMTP's "EHLO" supersedes SMTP's "HELO".
  • intr — Abbreviation of intransitive.
  • ltr3 — Version three of LTR, by A. Parayre of Delegation Generale pour l'Armement, France. LTR3 was widely used by the French military and avionics companies.
  • mttr — Mean Time To Recovery
  • tra- — trans-
  • trac — Text Reckoning And Compiling
  • trad — traditional
  • tram — silk that has been slightly or loosely twisted, used weftwise in weaving silk fabrics.
  • trap — a ladder or ladderlike device used to reach a loft, attic, etc.
  • trat — a type of fishing line holding a series of baited hooks
  • tray — a coin worth threepence.
  • tree — Sir Herbert Beerbohm [beer-bohm] /ˈbɪər boʊm/ (Show IPA), (Herbert Beerbohm) 1853–1917, English actor and theater manager; brother of Max Beerbohm.
  • tref — Judaism. unfit to be eaten or used, according to religious laws; not kosher.
  • trek — to travel or migrate, especially slowly or with difficulty.
  • tres — very
  • tret — (formerly) an allowance for waste, after deduction for tare.
  • trey — a playing card or a die having three pips.
  • tri- — Tri- is used at the beginning of nouns and adjectives that have 'three' as part of their meaning.
  • trig — a wedge or block used to prevent a wheel, cask, or the like, from rolling.
  • trim — to put into a neat or orderly condition by clipping, paring, pruning, etc.: to trim a hedge.
  • trin — three young born during one birth; triplets
  • trio — a musical composition for three voices or instruments.
  • trip — a group of animals, as sheep, goats, or fowl; flock.
  • trit — triturate
  • trlu — Taiwan Railway Labor Union
  • trna — transfer RNA
  • trod — a simple past tense and past participle of tread.
  • trog — Chiefly British Slang. a hooligan; lout.
  • tron — 1.   (project)   The Real-Time Operating System Nucleus. 2.   (language, programming, testing, tool)   (TRace ON) A command used when debugging programs written in early line-numbered BASIC that contained GOTO and GOSUB statements. When the TRON command had been executed, the program ran with a window open indicating the line number being executed at that instant. The TROFF (an abbreviation for "TRace OFF") command turned the tracing off.
  • trop — too; too much or too many.
  • trot — (of a horse) to go at a gait between a walk and a run, in which the legs move in diagonal pairs, but not quite simultaneously, so that when the movement is slow one foot at least is always on the ground, and when fast all four feet are momentarily off the ground at once.
  • trow — think
  • troy — expressed or computed in troy weight.
  • true — being in accordance with the actual state or conditions; conforming to reality or fact; not false: a true story.
  • trug — a shallow basket for carrying flowers, vegetables, etc., made from strips of wood.
  • trye — very good
  • utrc — United Technologies Research Cente
  • wtrp — West Texas Raceway Park
  • wtrr — Willi Territorial Rough Riders

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