Words containing genesi

7 letter words containing genesi

  • genesia — An expert system developed by Electricite de France and commercialised by STERIA (Paris).
  • genesic — pertaining to genesis or reproduction; genetic.
  • genesis — an origin, creation, or beginning.

8 letter words containing genesi

  • -genesis — indicating genesis, development, or generation
  • agenesia — absence of or failed development of a body part.
  • agenesis — (of an animal or plant) imperfect development

9 letter words containing genesi

  • cogenesis — The genesis of two entities at the same time.
  • digenesis — alternation of generations.
  • oogenesis — the origin and development of the ovum.

10 letter words containing genesi

  • anagenesis — the progressive evolutionary changes that take place over time in a single genetic lineage
  • biogenesis — the principle that a living organism must originate from a parent organism similar to itself
  • diagenesis — the sum of the physical, chemical, and biological changes that take place in sediments as they become consolidated into rocks, including compaction and cementation, but excluding weathering and metamorphic changes
  • dysgenesis — Pathology. defective development of an organ, as of the gonads in Klinefelter's syndrome.
  • epigenesis — The theory, now generally held, that an embryo develops progressively from an undifferentiated egg cell.

11 letter words containing genesi

  • abiogenesis — the hypothetical process by which living organisms first arose on earth from nonliving matter
  • autogenesis — spontaneous generation
  • cacogenesis — (medicine) A morbid, monstrous, or pathological growth or product; an abnormality in structure; a monstrosity.
  • catagenesis — the retrogressive evolution of a species. Compare anagenesis (def 1).
  • cenogenesis — the development of structures in the embryonic or larval stage of an organism that are adaptive and do not appear in the evolutionary history of its group

12 letter words containing genesi

  • agamogenesis — asexual reproduction, such as fission or parthenogenesis
  • amelogenesis — the production of enamel by ameloblasts
  • androgenesis — a type of reproduction in insects and plants involving the development of an embryo that contains only paternal chromosomes
  • angiogenesis — the induction of blood-vessel growth, often in association with a particular organ or tissue, or with a tumour
  • caenogenesis — the development of structures and organs in an embryo or larva that are adaptations to its way of life and are not retained in the adult form

13 letter words containing genesi

  • atherogenesis — (medicine) The formation of atheromas, especially on the walls of the arteries.
  • bibliogenesis — the art of producing and publishing books.
  • blastogenesis — the theory that inherited characteristics are transmitted only by germ plasm
  • dynamogenesis — the output of raised activity of the nervous system
  • frontogenesis — the formation or increase of a front or frontal zone.

14 letter words containing genesi

  • carcinogenesis — the development of cancerous cells from normal ones
  • chondrogenesis — the growth of cartilage
  • electrogenesis — (biochemistry, physics) The production of electricity in the tissues of a living organism.
  • haematogenesis — (physiology) The origin and development of blood.
  • spermiogenesis — the development of a spermatozoon from a spermatid.

15 letter words containing genesi

16 letter words containing genesi

  • antiangiogenesis — (medicine) The prevention of angiogenesis, the growth of new blood vessels.
  • anticyclogenesis — the intensification or development of an anticyclone.
  • cataractogenesis — The formation of a cataract.
  • etiopathogenesis — (medicine) The cause and subsequent development of an abnormal condition or of a disease.
  • megasporogenesis — the formation and development of megaspores.

17 letter words containing genesi

18 letter words containing genesi

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