13-letter words containing genesi

  • atherogenesis — (medicine) The formation of atheromas, especially on the walls of the arteries.
  • bibliogenesis — the art of producing and publishing books.
  • blastogenesis — the theory that inherited characteristics are transmitted only by germ plasm
  • dynamogenesis — the output of raised activity of the nervous system
  • frontogenesis — the formation or increase of a front or frontal zone.
  • gametogenesis — the development of gametes.
  • hematogenesis — hematopoiesis.
  • heterogenesis — Also, heterogeny [het-uh-roj-uh-nee] /ˌhɛt əˈrɒdʒ ə ni/ (Show IPA). alternation of generations, especially the alternation of parthenogenetic and sexual generations.
  • immunogenesis — the production of an immune response
  • melanogenesis — the production of melanin
  • morphogenesis — the development of structural features of an organism or part.
  • odontogenesis — the development of teeth.
  • organogenesis — Biology. the origin and development of an organ.
  • palingenesist — a person who believes in a doctrine of rebirth or transmigration of souls.
  • psychogenesis — genesis of the psyche.
  • schizogenesis — reproduction by fission.
  • taphrogenesis — the process of forming rifts, resulting in regional faulting and subsidence
  • teratogenesis — the production or induction of malformations or monstrosities, especially of a developing embryo or fetus.
  • thermogenesis — the production of heat, especially in an animal body by physiological processes.
  • tumorigenesis — the production or development of tumors.

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