7-letter words containing cor

  • accords — Plural form of accord.
  • acorned — covered with acorns
  • alcoran — the Koran
  • alcorza — a Spanish sweet
  • bedcord — A cord or rope interwoven in a bedstead so as to support the bed.
  • bicorne — a two-cornered cocked hat worn especially in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
  • camcord — (rare, transitive) To record using a camcorder.
  • chicory — Chicory is a plant with crunchy bitter-tasting leaves. It is eaten in salads, and its roots are sometimes used instead of coffee.
  • concord — Concord is a state of peaceful agreement.
  • coracle — In former times, a coracle was a simple round rowing boat made of woven sticks covered with animal skins.
  • corally — Having the shape or form of coral.
  • coranto — courante
  • corazon — the heart.
  • corbans — Plural form of corban.
  • corbeau — a blackish green colour
  • corbeil — a carved ornament in the form of a basket of fruit, flowers, etc
  • corbels — Plural form of corbel.
  • corbett — any separate mountain peak between 2500 feet and 3000 feet high: originally used of Scotland only, but now sometimes extended to other parts of the British Isles
  • corbina — a marine food fish, Menticirrhus undulatus, found in Pacific waters off Mexico and California
  • corcass — a salt marsh along the banks of a river
  • corcule — (botany, obsolete) The heart of the seed; the embryo or germ.
  • corcyra — Corfu
  • cordage — the lines and rigging of a vessel
  • cordate — heart-shaped
  • cordele — a city in SW Georgia.
  • cordial — Cordial means friendly.
  • cording — a type of corded material, esp when used as a decorative trimming
  • cordite — Cordite is an explosive substance used in guns and bombs.
  • cordoba — standard monetary unit of Nicaragua
  • cordons — Plural form of cordon.
  • cordova — Córdoba
  • coreign — to reign jointly
  • corella — any of certain white Australian cockatoos of the genus Kakatoe
  • corelli — Arcangelo (arˈkandʒelo). 1653–1713, Italian violinist and composer of sonatas and concerti grossi
  • coremia — the fruiting bodies of certain fungi, consisting of a loosely bound bundle of conidiophores.
  • corinne — a feminine name
  • corinth — a port in S Greece, in the NE Peloponnese: the modern town is near the site of the ancient city, the largest and richest of the city-states after Athens. Pop (municipality): 36 991 (2001)
  • corival — Alternative form of corrival.
  • corixid — any heteropterous water bug of the vegetarian family Corixidae, typified by Corixa punctata, common in sluggish waters. The forelegs have become modified and are used in stridulation, as by the water singer (Micronecta poweri)
  • corizza — Italian name of Korçë.
  • corkage — a charge made at a restaurant for serving wine, etc, bought off the premises
  • corkers — Plural form of corker.
  • corking — excellent
  • corlissGeorge Henry, 1817–88, U.S. engineer and inventor.
  • cormack — Allan (MacLeod)1924-98; U.S. physicist, born in South Africa
  • cormoid — similar to a corm
  • cornage — a type of rent fixed according to the number of horned cattle pastured
  • corncob — the core of an ear of maize, to which kernels are attached
  • corndog — a sandwich consisting of a frankfurter baked or fried in corn bread and usually spread with mustard before eating: often served on a stick.
  • corneal — Corneal means relating to the cornea.

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