8-letter words containing co

  • -coccoid — like a (specified kind of) coccus
  • -covered — covered with a specified substance
  • abiocoen — The non-living components of an environment, such as water, soil, air, etc.
  • abricock — an apricot
  • abrocome — Either of the ratlike rodents that from the genus Abrocoma; rat chinchilla.
  • absconds — Third-person singular simple present indicative form of abscond.
  • acapulco — a port and resort in SW Mexico, in Guerrero state. Pop: 761 000 (2005 est)
  • accolade — If someone is given an accolade, something is done or said about them which shows how much people admire them.
  • accorded — to be in agreement or harmony; agree.
  • accorder — (rare) One who accords.
  • accosted — (of animals) represented as side by side: two dolphins accosted.
  • accouche — (transitive) To aid in an accouchement.
  • accounts — a chronological list of debits and credits relating to a specified asset, liability, expense, or income of a business and forming part of the ledger
  • accouter — to outfit; equip, esp. for military service
  • accoutre — to provide with equipment or dress, esp military
  • acoelous — not having a true digestive tract
  • acoemeti — an order of monks founded in the 5th century, distinguished by the continuous nature of their praise and prayer
  • acolytes — Plural form of acolyte.
  • aconites — Plural form of aconite.
  • aconitum — any plant belonging to the genus Aconitum, of the buttercup family, having irregular flowers usually in loose clusters, including species with poisonous and medicinal properties.
  • acosmism — a belief that no world distinct from God exists
  • acosmist — someone who believes that no world distinct from God exists
  • acoustic — An acoustic guitar or other instrument is one whose sound is produced without any electrical equipment.
  • aglycone — a chemical compound
  • agricola — Gnaeus Julius (ˈniːəs ˈdʒuːlɪəs) 40–93 ad, Roman general; governor of Britain who advanced Roman rule north to the Firth of Forth
  • air cock — a small tap or valve for controlling the entrance or escape of air from a pipe, chamber, etc.
  • air-cool — to cool (an engine) by a flow of air
  • air-core — having a nonmagnetic core, as one of fiber or plastic, encircled by a coil (air-core coil) or containing one or more such coils: air-core transformer.
  • aircoach — a bus that transports passengers to and from an airport
  • albacore — a tunny, Thunnus alalunga, occurring mainly in warm regions of the Atlantic and Pacific. It has very long pectoral fins and is a valued food fish
  • alcohols — Plural form of alcohol.
  • alcolock — a breath-alcohol ignition-interlock device fitted to the ignition in certain motor vehicles. The driver must blow into a tube and, if his or her breath contains too much alcohol, a lock is activated to prevent the vehicle starting
  • alcopops — Plural form of alcopop.
  • alcorcon — city in central Spain, near Madrid: pop. 140,000
  • alfresco — An alfresco activity, especially a meal, is one that takes place in the open air.
  • amelcorn — a variety of wheat used to produce starch
  • amplicon — A piece of DNA or RNA formed as the products of natural or artificial amplification events, as in a polymerase chain reaction.
  • anaconda — a very large nonvenomous arboreal and semiaquatic snake, Eunectes murinus, of tropical South America, which kills its prey by constriction: family Boidae (boas)
  • ancohuma — one of the two peaks of Mount Sorata
  • anconeal — Of or pertaining to the elbow.
  • anconeus — (anatomy) A muscle of the elbow and forearm.
  • anconoid — resembling the ancon or elbow
  • angelico — Fra (fra), original name Guido di Pietro; monastic name Fra Giovanni da Fiesole. ?1400–55, Italian fresco painter and Dominican friar
  • aniconic — (of images of deities, symbols, etc) not portrayed in a human or animal form
  • anoscope — proctoscope.
  • anticold — preventing or treating the common cold
  • anticous — (in plants) facing the axis of the flower
  • apocopic — of or relating to apocope
  • apricots — Plural form of apricot.
  • arcology — a type of architecture concerned with the design of enormous vertical cities that maximize population density and so preserve the surrounding countryside

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