Words containing chink

5 letter words containing chink

  • chink — A chink in a surface is a very narrow crack or opening in it.

6 letter words containing chink

  • chinks — Plural form of chink.
  • chinky — Full of chinks, laden with small cracks or openings.

7 letter words containing chink

  • chinked — a chinking sound: the chink of ice in a glass.
  • chinkie — a Chinese restaurant
  • chinkle — (nautical) A turn or kink in a rope.

8 letter words containing chink

  • chinkara — an Indian gazelle, Gazella gazella bennetti
  • chinking — a chinking sound: the chink of ice in a glass.
  • pachinko — a Japanese pinball game played on a vertical machine in which slots struck by the player's ball release other balls that in turn are exchanged for noncash prizes.

9 letter words containing chink

13 letter words containing chink

  • chinkerinchee — a flowering plant, Ornithogalum thyrsoides, that produces clusters of white and yellow flowers

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