15-letter words containing bus

  • agribusinessman — a person who engages in agribusiness
  • beat the bushes — a low plant with many branches that arise from or near the ground.
  • blackberry bush — a bush on which blackberries grow
  • boom-bust cycle — A boom-bust cycle is a series of events in which a rapid increase in business activity in the economy is followed by a rapid decrease in business activity, and this process is repeated again and again.
  • business casual — a style of casual clothing worn by businesspeople at work instead of more formal attire
  • business center — A business center is a room in a hotel with facilities such as computers and a fax machine, that allows guests to work while they are staying at the hotel.
  • business centre — a place providing office facilities and services
  • business double — a double made to increase the penalty points earned when a player believes the opponents cannot make their bid.
  • business ethics — moral constraints on trading practices
  • business office — the office where the financial transactions, bookkeeping, etc. for a firm or institution are carried on
  • business person — Business people are people who work in business.
  • business school — A business school is a school or college which teaches business subjects such as economics and management.
  • ceteris paribus — other things being equal
  • combustibleness — The state or quality of being combustible.
  • combustion tube — a tube of heat-resistant glass, silica, or ceramic, in which a substance can be reduced, as in a combustion furnace
  • do the business — to achieve what is required
  • e pluribus unum — one out of many: the motto of the USA
  • family business — company owned and run by a family
  • francis bushman — Francis X(avier) 1883–1966, U.S. film actor.
  • globus pallidus — anatomy: part of the brain
  • imperial bushel — a unit of dry measure containing 4 pecks, equivalent in the U.S. (and formerly in England) to 2150.42 cubic inches or 35.24 liters (Winchester bushel) and in Great Britain to 2219.36 cubic inches or 36.38 liters (Imperial bushel) Abbreviation: bu., bush.
  • microbusinesses — Plural form of microbusiness.
  • monkey business — frivolous or mischievous behavior.
  • non combustible — not flammable.
  • non-combustible — not flammable.
  • omnibus edition — a television or radio programme consisting of two or more programmes broadcast earlier in the week
  • out of business — If a shop or company goes out of business or is put out of business, it has to stop trading because it is not making enough money.
  • retail business — a firm which sells goods to individual customers
  • self-combustion — the act or process of burning.
  • strawberry bush — an E North American shrub or small tree, Euonymus americanus, having pendulous capsules that split when ripe to reveal scarlet seeds: family Celastraceae
  • substance abuse — long-term, pathological use of alcohol or drugs, characterized by daily intoxication, inability to reduce consumption, and impairment in social or occupational functioning; broadly, alcohol or drug addiction.

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