9-letter words containing ban

  • abandoned — An abandoned place or building is no longer used or occupied.
  • abandonee — a person to whom something is formally relinquished, esp an insurer having the right to salvage a wreck
  • abandoner — a person or thing that abandons
  • absorbant — Alternative spelling of absorbent.
  • adsorbant — Adsorbent.
  • anabantid — any of various spiny-finned fishes constituting the family Anabantidae and including the fighting fish, climbing perch, and gourami
  • antiurban — opposed to the urban environment or urban life
  • archebanc — a bench or settle of the medieval and Renaissance periods, wide enough for several persons and having a seat with a chest beneath, arms at the ends, and a high back.
  • banalized — to render or make banal; trivialize: Television has often been accused of banalizing even the most serious subjects.
  • banbridge — a district in S Northern Ireland, in Co Down. Pop: 43 083 (2003 est). Area: 442 sq km (170 sq miles)
  • band list — a list of Canadian Indians formally recognized as belonging to a band
  • band mill — a powered machine having two pulleys for a saw band or a file band; band saw.
  • band-gala — (in India) (of a coat) closed at the neck
  • band-role — a small flag or streamer fastened to a lance, masthead, etc.
  • banda sea — a part of the Pacific in Indonesia, between Sulawesi and New Guinea
  • bandaging — Strips of cloth or other material used to create a bandage.
  • bandalore — an old-fashioned type of yo-yo
  • bandannas — Plural form of bandanna.
  • bandboxes — Plural form of bandbox.
  • bandbrake — a device used to measure the power of brakes
  • bandelierAdolph Francis Alphonse, 1840–1914, U.S. anthropologist, archaeologist, and historian, born in Switzerland.
  • banderole — a long narrow flag, usually with forked ends, esp one attached to the masthead of a ship; pennant
  • bandicoot — any agile terrestrial marsupial of the family Peramelidae of Australia and New Guinea. They have a long pointed muzzle and a long tail and feed mainly on small invertebrates
  • bandiness — the quality of being bandy
  • bandished — Simple past tense and past participle of bandish.
  • bandmates — Plural form of bandmate.
  • bandobust — (in India and Pakistan) an arrangement
  • bandoleer — a broad belt worn over one shoulder and across the chest, with pockets for carrying ammunition, etc.
  • bandolero — a highwayman; a robber
  • bandolier — a soldier's broad shoulder belt having small pockets or loops for cartridges
  • bandoline — a glutinous hair dressing, used (esp formerly) to keep the hair in place
  • bandoneon — a type of square concertina, esp used in Argentina
  • bandshape — (physics) The shape (distribution of strengths with frequency) of a band of electromagnetic radiation.
  • bandshell — a type of bandstand enclosed at the back
  • bandstand — A bandstand is a platform with a roof where a military band or a brass band can play in the open air.
  • bandurria — a Spanish musical instrument of the guitar family with six pairs of double strings.
  • bandwagon — You can refer to an activity or movement that has suddenly become fashionable or popular as a bandwagon.
  • bandwidth — A bandwidth is the range of frequencies used for a particular telecommunications signal, radio transmission, or computer network.
  • baneberry — any ranunculaceous plant of the genus Actaea, esp A. spicata, which has small white flowers and red or white poisonous berries
  • banefully — In a baneful way.
  • bang goes — that is the end of
  • bang into — a loud, sudden, explosive noise, as the discharge of a gun.
  • bang path — 1.   (communications)   An old-style UUCP electronic-mail address naming a sequence of hosts through which a message must pass to get from some assumed-reachable location to the addressee (a "source route"). So called because each hop is signified by a bang sign (exclamation mark). Thus, for example, the path ...!bigsite!foovax!barbox!me directs people to route their mail to computer bigsite (presumably a well-known location accessible to everybody) and from there through the computer foovax to the account of user me on barbox. Before autorouting mailers became commonplace, people often published compound bang addresses using the convention (see glob) to give paths from *several* big computers, in the hope that one's correspondent might be able to get mail to one of them reliably. e.g. ...!{seismo, ut-sally, ihnp4}!rice!beta!gamma!me Bang paths of 8 to 10 hops were not uncommon in 1981. Late-night dial-up UUCP links would cause week-long transmission times. Bang paths were often selected by both transmission time and reliability, as messages would often get lost. 2.   (operating system)   A shebang.
  • bang tidy — of exceptionally good quality
  • bang-bang — war and fighting, esp involving ammunition
  • bangalore — a city in S India, capital of Karnataka state: printing, textiles, pharmaceuticals. Pop: 4 292 223 (2001)
  • bangaluru — a city in and the capital of Karnataka, in SW India.
  • bangarang — A commotion.
  • bangweulu — shallow lake in N Zambia: including swamps, 3,800 sq mi (9,842 sq km)
  • banishing — Present participle of banish.

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