6-letter words containing aga

  • agabus — a Christian prophet who predicted a great famine. Acts 11:28.
  • agadir — a port in SW Morocco, which became the centre of an international crisis (1911), when a gunboat arrived to protect German interests. Britain issued a strong warning to Germany but the French negotiated and war was averted. In 1960 the town was virtually destroyed by an earthquake, about 10 000 people being killed. Pop: 385 000 (2003)
  • againe — Obsolete spelling of again.
  • agamas — Plural form of agama.
  • agamic — asexual; occurring or reproducing without fertilization
  • agamid — any other lizard of the family Agamidae, which occur in the Old World and Australia and show a wide range of habits and diversity of structure
  • agapae — the love of God or Christ for humankind.
  • agapai — the love of God or Christ for humankind.
  • agaric — any saprotrophic basidiomycetous fungus of the family Agaricaceae, having gills on the underside of the cap. The group includes the edible mushrooms and poisonous forms such as the fly agaric
  • agassi — Andre (ˈɑːndreɪ). born 1970, US tennis player: winner of eight Grand Slam singles titles (1992–2003), including four Australian Opens (1995, 2000, 2001, 2003)
  • agates — Plural form of agate.
  • agatha — a feminine name
  • agathoSaint, died a.d. 681, Sicilian ecclesiastic: pope 678–681.
  • agaves — Plural form of agave.
  • agawam — a city in W central Massachusetts.
  • agazed — (obsolete) Gazing with astonishment; amazed.
  • cadaga — a eucalyptus tree, E. torelliana, of tropical and subtropical Australia, having a smooth green trunk
  • chagal — a bag made of goatskin: used in India for carrying water.
  • chagan — a Mongolian imperial title
  • gagaku — the select group of Japanese men who, as both dancers and musicians, perform the bugaku.
  • kagawa — Toyohiko [taw-yaw-hee-kaw] /ˈtɔ yɔˈhi kɔ/ (Show IPA), 1888–1960, Japanese social reformer and religious leader.
  • khagan — A khan of khans, a ruler of a khaganate; (a holder of) an imperial rank used among certain Turkic and Mongolian peoples, equal in status to an emperor.
  • lagash — an ancient Sumerian city between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, at the modern village of Telloh in SE Iraq: a palace, statuary, and inscribed clay tablets unearthed here.
  • malaga — a province in S Spain, in Andalusia. 2813 sq. mi. (7285 sq. km).
  • moraga — a city in W California.
  • nagana — a disease of horses and other animals, widespread in parts of Africa, caused by the organism Trypanosoma brucei, and transmitted by a variety of tsetse fly.
  • nagano — a city on central Honshu, in central Japan.
  • nagari — a group of related scripts, including Devanagari, derived from Brahmi and used for the writing of many of the languages of India.
  • plagal — (of a Gregorian mode) having the final in the middle of the compass. Compare authentic (def 6a).
  • reaganNancy Davis (Anne Francis Robbins Davis) born 1921, U.S. First Lady 1981–89 (wife of Ronald Reagan).
  • rhagae — an ancient city of Media, on the site of present-day Tehran, Iran.
  • vagary — an unpredictable or erratic action, occurrence, course, or instance: the vagaries of weather; the vagaries of the economic scene.

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