Words containing aga

3 letter words containing aga

  • aga — a title of respect, often used with the title of a senior position

4 letter words containing aga

  • agag — an Amalekite king who was captured and spared by Saul but later killed by Samuel. I Sam. 15.
  • agal — (among Arabs) a cord wound around a kaffiyeh to hold it in place.
  • agar — a complex gelatinous carbohydrate obtained from seaweeds, esp those of the genus Gelidium, used as a culture medium for bacteria, a laxative, in food such as ice cream as a thickening agent (E406), etc
  • agas — Plural form of aga.
  • gaga — excessively and foolishly enthusiastic: The public went gaga over the new fashions.

5 letter words containing aga

  • agada — the nonlegal or narrative material, as parables, maxims, or anecdotes, in the Talmud and other rabbinical literature, serving either to illustrate the meaning or purpose of the law, custom, or Biblical passage being discussed or to introduce a different, unrelated topic.
  • agade — a city on the Euphrates in N Babylonia, the centre of a major empire and civilization (2360–2180 bc)
  • again — You use again to indicate that something happens a second time, or after it has already happened before.
  • agals — Plural form of agal.
  • agama — any small terrestrial lizard of the genus Agama, which inhabit warm regions of the Old World: family Agamidae

6 letter words containing aga

  • agabus — a Christian prophet who predicted a great famine. Acts 11:28.
  • agadir — a port in SW Morocco, which became the centre of an international crisis (1911), when a gunboat arrived to protect German interests. Britain issued a strong warning to Germany but the French negotiated and war was averted. In 1960 the town was virtually destroyed by an earthquake, about 10 000 people being killed. Pop: 385 000 (2003)
  • againe — Obsolete spelling of again.
  • agamas — Plural form of agama.
  • agamic — asexual; occurring or reproducing without fertilization

7 letter words containing aga

  • against — If one thing is leaning or pressing against another, it is touching it.
  • agalite — a fibrous variety of talc.
  • agamede — a daughter of Augeas noted for her skill at using herbs for healing.
  • agamete — a reproductive cell, such as the merozoite of some protozoans, that develops into a new form without fertilization
  • agamids — Plural form of agamid.

8 letter words containing aga

  • agacerie — allurement, enticement, enchantment, coquetry
  • agalloch — the fragrant, resinous wood of an East Indian tree, Aquilaria agallocha, of the mezereum family, used as incense in Asia.
  • agalwood — a soft, resinous wood of the Asain tree Aquilaria malaccensis, known for its aromatic qualities, and used in incense
  • agaricin — an impure form of agaric acid: formerly used in medicine as an agent for stopping excessive perspiration.
  • agaricus — any mushroom of the genus Agaricus, comprising the meadow mushrooms and a commercially grown species, A. brunnescens.

9 letter words containing aga

  • agalactia — absence or failure of secretion of milk
  • agamemnon — a king of Mycenae who led the Greeks at the siege of Troy. On his return home he was murdered by his wife Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus
  • agar-agar — a complex gelatinous carbohydrate obtained from seaweeds, esp those of the genus Gelidium, used as a culture medium for bacteria, a laxative, in food such as ice cream as a thickening agent (E406), etc
  • agatelike — Resembling or characteristic of agate.
  • agateware — ceramic ware made to resemble agate or marble

10 letter words containing aga

  • agapanthus — a liliaceous plant, Agapanthus africanus, of southern Africa, having rounded clusters of blue or white funnel-shaped flowers
  • agathocles — 361–289 b.c, tyrant of Syracuse 317–289.
  • ahmednagar — a city in W India, in Maharashtra: formerly one of the kingdoms of Deccan. Pop: 307 455 (2001)
  • astragalin — A chemical compound, a 3-O-glucoside of kaempferol, found in Phytolacca americana, the American pokeweed.
  • astragalus — the talus, or anklebone, in humans

11 letter words containing aga

  • agamospermy — formation of seeds in the absence of fertilization; a form of apomixis
  • agastrophus — a son of Paeon who was slain by Diomedes.
  • agathodemon — Alternative spelling of agathodaemon.
  • antofagasta — a port in N Chile. Pop: 323 000 (2005 est)
  • cheektowaga — a town in NW New York, near Buffalo.

12 letter words containing aga

  • agalmatolite — a soft, greenish, greyish or yellowish mineral, thought to be a variety of pinite, known particularly for its use by the Chinese for carving
  • agamogenesis — asexual reproduction, such as fission or parthenogenesis
  • agamogenetic — Of or pertaining to agamogenesis.
  • agaricaceous — belonging to the Agaricaceae, a family of fungi including mushrooms having blade-shaped gills on the underside of the cap.
  • agathodaemon — A benevolent spirit as opposed to a cacodemon (an evil daemon).

13 letter words containing aga

  • aganglionosis — (medicine) A medical condition involving absence of ganglia.
  • bhagavad-gita — a sacred Hindu text composed about 200 bc and incorporated into the Mahabharata, a Sanskrit epic
  • extragalactic — Situated, occurring, or originating outside the Milky Way galaxy.
  • extravagances — Plural form of extravagance.
  • extravagantes — decretals circulating outside some recognized collection of canon law. Those of John XXII and the so-called Extravagantes communes form part of the Corpus Juris Canonici

14 letter words containing aga

15 letter words containing aga

16 letter words containing aga

  • back-propagation — (Or "backpropagation") A learning algorithm for modifying a feed-forward neural network which minimises a continuous "error function" or "objective function." Back-propagation is a "gradient descent" method of training in that it uses gradient information to modify the network weights to decrease the value of the error function on subsequent tests of the inputs. Other gradient-based methods from numerical analysis can be used to train networks more efficiently. Back-propagation makes use of a mathematical trick when the network is simulated on a digital computer, yielding in just two traversals of the network (once forward, and once back) both the difference between the desired and actual output, and the derivatives of this difference with respect to the connection weights.
  • chagas---disease — an infectious disease caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi, occurring chiefly in tropical America and characterized by irregular fever, palpable lymph nodes, and often heart damage.
  • irrefragableness — The quality or degree of being irrefragable.
  • micropropagation — the propagation of plants from tissue cultures, often from single cells.
  • self-propagating — to cause (an organism) to multiply by any process of natural reproduction from the parent stock.

17 letter words containing aga

  • agathokakological — (nonce word) composed of both good and evil.
  • betagalactosidase — any of a family of enzymes capable of liberating galactose from carbohydrates.
  • counterpropaganda — propaganda to offset or nullify unfriendly or enemy propaganda.

18 letter words containing aga

  • agammaglobulinemia — a condition of the blood, either congenital or acquired, in which there is near or complete absence of gamma globulin and a failure of the body to form antibodies, resulting in a frequent occurrence of infectious disease.

19 letter words containing aga

  • niagara-on-the-lake — a town in SE Ontario, in S Canada, on Lake Ontario, at the mouth of the Niagara River, on the border between Canada and New York.

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