Words containing aa

2 letter words containing aa

  • aa — a volcanic rock consisting of angular blocks of lava with a very rough surface

3 letter words containing aa

  • aaa — Amateur Athletic Association
  • aab — (military) initialism of anti-aircraft battery.
  • aac — Advanced Audio Coding
  • aad — (Geordie) old.
  • aah — to exclaim in pleasure or surprise

4 letter words containing aa

  • aaal — American Academy of Arts and Letters
  • aaas — American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • aada — (military) initialism of anti-aircraft defended area.
  • aadl — Axiomatic Architecture Description Language
  • aals — Plural form of aal.

5 letter words containing aa

  • aahed — Simple past tense and past participle of aah.
  • aalii — a bushy sapindaceous shrub, Dodonaea viscosa, of Australia, Hawaii, Africa, and tropical America, having small greenish flowers and sticky foliage
  • aalst — city in WC Belgium, near Brussels: pop. 76,000
  • aalto — Alvar (ˈalvar). 1898–1976, Finnish architect and furniture designer, noted particularly for his public and industrial buildings, in which wood is much used. He invented bent plywood furniture (1932)
  • aamsu — All Assam Manipuri Students Union

6 letter words containing aa

  • aachen — a city and spa in W Germany, in North Rhine-Westphalia: the northern capital of Charlemagne's empire. Pop: 256 605 (2003 est)
  • aargau — a canton in N Switzerland. Capital: Aarau. Pop: 556 200 (2002 est). Area: 1404 sq km (542 sq miles)
  • aarhus — Århus
  • aarnet — Australian Academic Research Network
  • aarthi — Alternative form of aarti.

7 letter words containing aa

  • aalborg — a city and port in Denmark, in N Jutland. Pop: 121 549 (2004 est)
  • aaronic — of or relating to Aaron, his family, or the priestly dynasty initiated by him
  • ahimaaz — a priest who supported David during the revolt of Absalom. II Sam. 18:19–32.
  • alkmaar — a city in the W Netherlands, in North Holland. Pop: 93 000 (2003 est)
  • baalbek — a town in E Lebanon: an important city in Phoenician and Roman times; extensive ruins. Pop: 150 000 (1998 est)

8 letter words containing aa

  • aalesund — a seaport in W Norway.
  • aardvark — a nocturnal mammal, Orycteropus afer, the sole member of its family (Orycteropodidae) and order (Tubulidentata). It inhabits the grasslands of Africa, has long ears and snout, and feeds on termites
  • aardwolf — a nocturnal mammal, Proteles cristatus, that inhabits the plains of southern Africa and feeds on termites and insect larvae: family Hyaenidae (hyenas), order Carnivora (carnivores)
  • aaronite — one of the priestly descendants of Aaron.
  • aasvogel — a South African vulture

9 letter words containing aa

  • aardvarks — Plural form of aardvark.
  • aaronical — Aaronic.
  • afrikaans — Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa.
  • ahtisaari — Martti [mahr-ti] /ˈmɑr tɪ/ (Show IPA), born 1938, president of Finland 1994–2000.
  • balmacaan — a man's knee-length loose flaring overcoat with raglan sleeves

10 letter words containing aa

  • aardwolves — Plural form of aardwolf.
  • ahvenanmaa — group of Finn. islands at the entrance to the Gulf of Bothnia: 590 sq mi (1,528 sq km); pop. 25,000
  • akiapolaau — a rare yellow Hawaiian honeycreeper, Hemignathus munroi, having a long slender down-curved upper bill and a short straight lower bill.
  • braaivleis — a picnic at which meat is cooked over an open fire; a barbecue
  • canaanitic — a group of ancient languages belonging to the Semitic subfamily of the Afro-Asiatic family and including Canaanite, Phoenician, Ugaritic, and Hebrew

11 letter words containing aa

  • kierkegaard — Sören Aabye [sœ-ruh n aw-by] /ˈsœ rən ˈɔ bü/ (Show IPA), 1813–55, Danish philosopher and theologian.
  • saarbrucken — a state in W Germany, in the Saar River valley. 991 sq. mi. (2569 sq. km). Capital: Saarbrücken.
  • superbazaar — (in India) a large department store or supermarket, esp one set up as a cooperative store by the government
  • transvaaler — a province in the NE Republic of South Africa. 110,450 sq. mi. (286,066 sq. km). Capital: Pretoria.
  • up-helly-aa — a midwinter festival held in January in Shetland; originally a fire festival, but now a celebration of Shetland's Norse heritage, involving the ceremonial burning of a newly built Viking ship

12 letter words containing aa

  • metaanalysis — Alternative spelling of meta-analysis.
  • rijksdaalder — a cupronickel or silver coin of the Netherlands, equal to 2½ guilders.
  • transvaalian — a province in the NE Republic of South Africa. 110,450 sq. mi. (286,066 sq. km). Capital: Pretoria.

13 letter words containing aa

  • aaron's-beard — rose of Sharon (def 2).
  • baal-shem-tov — (Israel ben Eliezer"Besht") c1700–60, Ukrainian teacher and religious leader: founder of the Hasidic movement of Judaism.
  • intraarterial — Into an artery.

14 letter words containing aa

  • finsteraarhorn — a mountain in S central Switzerland: highest peak of the Bernese Alps, 14,026 feet (4275 meters).
  • haarlemmermeer — a city in W Netherlands.
  • intraabdominal — Within the cavity of the abdomen.
  • intraarticular — (anatomy) Situated within a joint.
  • kierkegaardian — of, relating to, or resembling the philosophy or religious views of Kierkegaard.

15 letter words containing aa

17 letter words containing aa

  • de-baathification — the process of removing the members and influence of the Ba'ath Party from public office in Iraq following the US-led invasion of 2003

21 letter words containing aa

  • humuhumunukunukuapuaa — either of two triggerfishes, especially Rhinecantus aculeatus, of Indo-Pacific coral reefs.

26 letter words containing aa

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