Words starting with ll

2 letter words starting with ll

  • ll — Lines.

3 letter words starting with ll

  • llb — Bachelor of Laws
  • llc — Logical Link Control
  • lld — Doctor of Laws
  • llm — Master of Laws
  • llp — Lower Layer Protocol

4 letter words starting with ll

  • llm3 — /el el em trwa/ The assembly language for a virtual machine used as the implementation language for Le-Lisp. Developed by J. Chailloux of INRIA.
  • llnl — Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
  • llyr — the father of Manawydan: corresponds to the Irish Ler.
  • lleu llaw gyffes — the son of Gwydion and Arianhrod, provided with a name, weapons, and a wife through the magic and trickery of Gwydion in spite of the curses of Arianhrod.

5 letter words starting with ll

  • llama — a woolly-haired South American ruminant of the genus Lama, believed to be a domesticated variety of the guanaco: often used as a beast of burden.
  • llano — an extensive grassy plain with few trees.
  • llgen — (tool)   A BNF-based LL1 parser generator by Fischer and LeBlanc. It conforms to a subset of FMQ.
  • lloyd — an association of independent English insurance underwriters, founded in London about 1688, originally engaged in underwriting only marine risks but now also issuing policies on almost every type of insurance.
  • lludd — a king of Britain who rid his kingdom of three plagues and was famous for his generosity: sometimes regarded as a god.

6 letter words starting with ll

  • llamas — Plural form of llama.
  • llanos — Plural form of llano.
  • lleras camargo — Alberto [ahl-ver-taw] /ɑlˈvɛr tɔ/ (Show IPA), 1906–89, Colombian journalist, writer, and political leader: president 1945–46, 1958–62.

7 letter words starting with ll

  • llanero — a native of the llanos
  • lloyd's — Welsh Legend. Llwyd.
  • lloyd's of london — Lloyd's of London is an association of London underwriters which originally specialized in marine insurance but now provides a variety of insurance policies.
  • lloyd's register — a publication, issued annually by Lloyd's, consisting of a list of all of the world's seagoing vessels and including such information as their age, tonnage, and classification.
  • lloyd's register of shipping — an annual publication giving details of all ships that have been built according to the various classifications established by this society

8 letter words starting with ll

  • llandaff — a town in SE Wales, now a suburb of Cardiff; the oldest bishopric in Wales (6th century)
  • llanelli — an industrial town in S Wales, in SE Carmarthenshire on an inlet of Carmarthen Bay. Pop: 46 357 (2001)
  • llanelly — a seaport in Dyfed, in S Wales.
  • llywelyn ap gruffudd — died 1282, prince of Wales (1258–82): the only Welsh ruler to be recognized as such by the English
  • llywelyn ap iorwerth — called Llywelyn the Great. died 1240, prince of Gwynedd, N Wales (1194–1238), who extended his rule over most of Wales

9 letter words starting with ll

  • llandudno — a town and resort in NW Wales, in Conwy county borough on the Irish Sea. Pop: 14 872 (2001)
  • llewellynRichard (Richard David Vivian Llewellyn Lloyd) 1907?–83, Welsh novelist.

10 letter words starting with ll

  • llangollen — a town in NE Wales, in Denbighshire on the River Dee: International Musical Eisteddfod held annually since 1946. Pop: 2930 (2001)

20 letter words starting with ll

  • llanfairpwllgwyngyll — a village in NW Wales, in SE Anglesey: reputed to be the longest place name in Great Britain when unabbreviated; means: St Mary's Church in the hollow of the white hazel near the rapid whirlpool of Llandysilio of the red cave

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